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A Bittersweet Father’s Day

I had a strained relationship with my parents for most of my life, so Father’s Day wasn’t really on my radar as a teen or for much of my adulthood. I could get a little bitter and plenty cynical about all those overly sentimental and sappy Father’s Day cards I’d see in the store. Then I had kids, and all of a sudden I loved celebrating Father’s Day with my husband. I think of Chris as a model for just how a father should be. Loving, generous, kind, patient, and supportive. No, he’s not perfect, but I know parenting is his priority and he’s always striving to be the best father he can be.

Becoming a father was the best thing that ever happened to him and to us. Getting to celebrate fatherhood with his family is a big deal for him, but this is his first Father’s Day without his own father. They never seemed that close, they didn’t phone each other regularly to talk or even visit that often, but there was a strong, silent bond of love there. And this Father’s Day, he’s gone.

Chris and his dad

This year is the first time that Tee has been counting down the days to Father’s Day. The girls have been busy making Father’s Day crafts and cards, and even Kay knows something fun is happening. Hubs has to be present and joyful for the girls, but he can never forget someone important is missing.

Part of this Father’s Day will be taking some time to remember Chris’ father. This year will be a little quieter, a little gentler, a little bittersweet for everyone.

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  • Beautiful and inspiring story. Thank you for sharing it. Makes me think about what’s important on Father’s Day.

  • That’s hard! It was our first fathers day without my Papa so hard for my Dad to not have his dad here.

  • Father’s Day i s big in our home. My husband was a busy farmer and did not spend too much time with us until he retired about 20 years ago. He has gotten much closer to his
    children and his grandchldren and they all think the world of him.
    I know that if anything happened to him, that Father’s Day would be very gloomy indeed.
    Good Fathers are the salt of the earth as you know and God bless all of them.