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Father’s Day Craft: Handprint Tree and Poem

Here’s a last minute craft we made for Father’s Day. I will admit to you we started this on Friday afternoon. I’m not sure what happened. I guess the time just got away from me this year!

Dad will love this handprint tree craft!

I’ve had one of those dollar store mini canvases kicking around in the craft bin for a while, and I thought this Father’s Day would be a great opportunity to make some classic handprint tree art for hubs to put up by his desk at work. All you need for this Father’s Day craft project is a small blank canvas (ours was 6″ x 8″), washable non-toxic paint, white glue, and lots of buttons.

This is the first year Kay’s been old enough to participate (with help of course), and I was really happy we were able to get clear handprints from both of the girls. I was able to fit their handprints on the canvas side by side, and then I painted what are supposed to be trunks for the trees.

The girls used green paint on their fingers to make the leaves.

Putting leaves on the handprint tree

Once the paint was dry, Tee glued pink buttons on for the flowers. On Kay’s tree, she picked out the buttons and I glued them on for her.

On the back, we tucked in a card with this Father’s Day poem I wrote for the occasion:

Father's Day Handprint Tree poemI think he’ll like it.

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  • Last minute or not, hand print crafts are the BEST! I still have my son’s prints framed and hanging on my wall from years ago, I will never take it down. We just need to make a matching set of my baby girls hands.

    Sweet little poem!!!

  • I just loved it,there is nothing better than a craft made by the hands of a child. I am sure this will be a keeper to look at years from now.

  • Oh I love this! This is a great handmade gift for Dads….my son is too little to help, but I am saving this project for when he’s older- thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • My son has special needs & this craft is simple enough to utilize his basic fine motor skills, such as gluing & easy finger painting. I really love this idea!

  • this is so adorable! i love anything my daughter would make esp something like this. i love being able to remember how tiny her hands were when i look back on her crafts one day

  • Handmade crafts like this one mean much more to a parent I think than something bought. Its the love that is put into making them. I like the hand with the buttons. That is cute.