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Relax with Adult Colouring Books from Vintage Pen Press #TWCMgifts

Do you remember any of your colouring books as a kid? I have vague memories of a Cabbage Patch Dolls colouring book (man, they were such a big deal back then!), but to be honest I don’t really remember doing much colouring. I knew to get lots of colouring books when I had my own kids though! Both my girls, Kay in particular, can spend large chunks of the day colouring, and that’s what I call a win for everyone!

But since they insist on involving me in everything they do, I often get roped into colouring with them. They must know something I don’t, because when I sit at their teeny little table with a marker and a colouring book, that’s when I realize just how relaxing it is to colour. In the midst of the everyday stress and chaos that is the life of every parent, when I colour I can relax, exhale, and just let things go for a few minutes.

Colouring is a relaxing and deeply satisfying activity for all ages!

I’m not the only one who feels that way! Adults are rediscovering what kids have known all along: colouring is a relaxing and deeply satisfying activity for all ages! Vintage Pen Press makes beautiful colouring books for adults looking to carve out a few minutes of relaxation in their busy day. No cartoon characters or vegetable-themed dolls here! With vintage themes like the 70s and cigar labels, these are clearly made for grown-ups.

Each 8.5″x11″ page is printed on one side only so you don’t have to worry about colours bleeding through or having to pick which side you want to display. The matte paper feels just a little bit thicker than printer paper, and holds colour well. There’s also a dedicated colour test page in the back so you can see how your pencil, crayon, or marker will look before you start colouring.

Vintage Pen Press has two colouring books out now and more in the works. These would make beautiful and thoughtful presents for someone this holiday. Hubby and I do Christmas stockings for each other, and I know I’d love to find one of these in mine!

Get Your Groove On: An Absolutely Fabulous Coloring Book (Volume 1)
Get Your Groove On: An Absolutely Fabulous Coloring Book (Volume 1)

“With swirls and curls ready to be colored with your crazy good neon pencils, metallic gel pens and squiggly fine liners, these 40 images are an intoxicating mixture of psychedelic flower power and rock and roll just waiting for you to bring your creative color genius to the table!”
I wanted to show you a couple of sample images so you can see just how intricate and detailed each image is.

groovy sample pages

The Art of the Cigar: Vintage Labels Coloring Book
The Art of the Cigar: Vintage Labels Coloring Book

“Based on gorgeous lithographs of cigar box labels from years gone by, this adult coloring book invites you to create your own world of living color while de-stressing from all the cares of life. Each of the 40 stunning labels are pre-1920 with elegant designs that wrap you in the nostalgia of an age when life was simpler and people knew how to enjoy the moment.”


Release the artist within and create your own beautiful masterpieces. Jump start your creativity, relax, and color on!


Vintage Pen Press is a proud publisher of elegant adult coloring books. Their mission is to help readers relax, let go of stress, and replace it with the beauty, joy and nostalgic art found in the their collection of adult colouring books.

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Gift It!

Both Vintage Pen Press adult colouring books are available at Amazon. Pair either of these with a box of colouring pencils, gel pens, markers, or crayons for a wonderful stocking stuffer surprise!

Win a Colouring Prize Package!

Win a Vintage Pen Press Colouring Prize Pack (US/CAN, 11/30)

One of my readers will win a complete colouring prize package including both colouring books and a box of 24 Crayola colored pencils (pencil crayons to my Canadian readers!), courtesy of the artist herself. This giveaway is open to residents of the US and Canada, 18+. All entries will be verified. Prize delivery is not guaranteed by Christmas, so please plan accordingly.

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