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Nerf Laser Ops Pro: Laser Tag Anytime, Anywhere

I’ve been known to play a little laser tag now and then. Before the kids came along, we used to head out with a big group of friends and play a couple of games before late night snacks. It was a ton of fun, but honestly it was also a huge production to find a day and time that worked with everyone’s schedule, book our play time, find rides for everyone who didn’t have a car, and drive out to the arena.

What if it could be easier? What if you could arrange a game of laser tag on the spur of the moment, wherever you happened to be?

We weren’t sure how Nerf’s new Laser Ops Pro line of laser tag guns would compare to the “real thing”, but we were willing to give it a try!

The biggest difference is you’re not shooting in a big, dark, fog-filled room anymore. Now you can play anywhere – in the basement, in your backyard, at the local park. Instead of wearing a bulky vest, the blaster itself registers the infrared shot and lets you know you’ve been hit with sounds and a red light.

It only took a couple of minutes to set up once we got the blasters out of the box. All I had to do was put the batteries in and we were playing. With two very impatient kids, this mama is grateful!

Laser Ops Pro blasters have that distinctive Nerf look in white, dark blue, and orange plastic, and they come in two different models: the DeltaBurst and the AlphaPoint. Here are the main differences between the two blasters.

  • The two-handed DeltaBurst Blaster fires multi-shot IR bursts and tracks health status and ammo capacity with a small LCD screen. Parents should know that this blaster makes a really loud chattering “machine gun” noise that you can’t turn off (or at least I haven’t figured out how). While that’s fine for outside, it gets annoying really fast inside the house. The blaster is very light, but it’s awkwardly long for my 6 and 8-year-old daughters. I would suggest this model for older kids 10 and up. Requires 6 AA batteries (not included).
  • The one-handed AlphaPoint Blaster fires a single-shot IR burst and uses green/amber/red lights to show your health and ammo. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). The AlphaPoint also comes in a set of two blasters – a great choice for siblings!

Each blaster displays your health status and ammo, but don’t worry. Even though it tracks how much ammo you’ve used, you can easily reload anytime by pressing the curved orange button located on the bottom of the grip of the AlphaPoint or along the body of the DeltaBurst.

There’s an app for that

Of course there’s an app! Download the free Nerf Laser Ops Pro app onto your Apple or Android phone to keep score, earn power-ups, customize your blaster, and use GPS to track your opponents during battle. Each blaster connects via Bluetooth and comes with an armband to strap your phone onto your forearm while playing. You absolutely don’t need the app or a phone to play, but it is a nice add-on to the basic laser tag game.

You can also attach your phone to the front of either blaster with the solo attachment (comes bundled with the DeltaBurst blaster) and shoot down digital drones in virtual reality single player mode. This was surprisingly fun to play at 11:00 pm in the living room, trying to keep it down so I didn’t wake up the kids. 😉

Unfortunately, I had trouble getting the VR aspect to work as the strap seemed perfectly designed to cover up my Samsung S7 camera lens. iPhones and other phones with the lens in the corner likely won’t run into this issue though.

So what’s the verdict?

Yes! Nerf’s Laser Ops Pro system is a fun new way to play laser tag anytime, anywhere. The system is recommended for ages 8 and up, but my 6-year-old has just as much fun with it as my 8-year-old. We’ve been having a lot of fun running around the neighbourhood and shooting at each other, and it’s a great way to keep the kids active as well.

The other kids in the neighbourhood all want in on the action too. I suspect we’ll be seeing more Laser Ops Pro blasters around the neighbourhood as birthdays and Christmas roll around!

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