Mythbusters Collection 11 DVD Review

Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters is one of my all time favourite shows. I love that it makes science fun as well as educational. I won’t lie – all the explosions sure are entertaining, but the basic principle behind the show is the importance of critical thinking and the experimental method. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 11 years, the Mythbusters research and recreate the circumstances of various myths to determine whether they are confirmed, plausible, or busted.

I was so sad to hear that Tory, Kari, and Grant (“The Build Team”) had left the show. I loved how the team members played off each other, and as a mom of girls I really liked having Kari on the team role modeling that girls do science too. All the more reason to appreciate having this Mythbusters collection.

Mythbusters Collection 11 DVD Review

Mythbusters Collection 11 features 10 episodes on 2 discs and more than 7 hours from the 2011 season, including 2 special episodes: “Location, Location, Location” and “Wet and Wild”. My personal favourite is the Walking Straight myth where Adam and Jamie test whether a person can walk, swim, or drive a straight line without sight or hearing. (Spoiler alert: The answer is no, you can’t!)

“Continuing their legacy as myth-busting masterminds, head Mythbusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage tackle the world’s mysteries in Mythbusters Collection 11. Exploring all forms of unusual – from bazookas and toilet bombs to duct-tape airplanes and rock sleds – this dynamic duo leaves no mystery unsolved. Additionally, this collection features Jamie and Adam’s creative attempt to create a Newton’s cradle using wrecking balls.”

Disc One

  • “Bikes and Bazookas”
  • “Newton’s Crane Cradle”
  • “Walk a Straight Line”
  • “Duct Tape Plane”
  • “Flying Guillotine”

Disc Two

  • “Drain Disaster”
  • “Wheel of Mythfortune”
  • “Toilet Bomb”
  • “Location, Location, Location”
  • “Wet and Wild”

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  • We’ve often watched this on TV. It’s quite amazing what they manage to prove and disprove. They also have an awesome amount of fun doing all their tests too.

  • Love the show, have them all on a flash drive including mythbuster jr. personally glad they finally got rid of the “Kari Byron” show.. I mean the build team, cause thats what the series had turned into, the last 2 years were so much better without the build team and Kari never having to do ANY hard work except always getting to push the button, or fire the biggest gun, talk about being pampered, glad discover fired them, they were fine at 1st, love it when Kari had to go get the meat, hey thats part of the fun, but no, she gets to go and wear a bikini in the Bahamas on shark week and basically do nothing(Yeah Australian Female Producer), of the build team, tori was the best, that guy cracked me up all the time, Adam and Tori would be great in there own show, finally getting it correct with Mythbusters Jr. to take it to the next step, Adam Savage with some really smart and nice polite kids.