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My Personalized South Hill Designs Locket Bracelet #TWCMgifts

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Speaking as one, moms are hard to shop for. Apparently I’m doubly hard to shop for, because I’ve got a birthday right around Christmas. Hubs is always asking me what I want, but I’m terrible at thinking of anything.

A few weeks ago I met Heather at my local kids swap and we started chatting. When she showed me her South Hill Designs jewelry and charms, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for: something to remind me of my family wherever I go.

Enter to win a South Hill Designs silver locket necklace! (WW, 11/30)

South Hill Designs is best known for their locket necklaces, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out they also make bracelets, earrings, and even dog tags. But really, I was most interested in all the ways I could customize a locket with backgrounds, charms, and crystals to create a personal collection of memories.

And as far as locket jewelry goes, it’s not just necklaces. South Hill Designs also has locket bracelets. Heather sent me one of their new graphite locket bracelets and some charms to review. I love the black finish and the gender-neutral leather cuff style of this bracelet. I’m not usually one for super delicate or girly jewelry, and this bracelet fits my style perfectly.

South Hill Designs Graphite Bracelet

I picked four birthstones to represent my family. March aquamarine for Tee, May emerald for hubby, August peridot for Kay, and December blue zircon for me. I also received two silver tone crystal letters: T for Tee, and K for Kay. It just works out that all our family birthstones are in the blue-green colour family, and they look fantastic with the sparkly letters. I love the way they jingle softly inside the locket.

South Hill Designs Graphite Bracelet

When it comes to buying jewelry, I’m very careful about what I wear next to my skin. I have a nickel allergy, and if I wear jewelry with the slightest bit of nickel in it, my skin gets itchy and breaks out into a bad rash. Unfortunately, nickel is very commonly used to harden alloys. Because of that, I almost always go with sterling silver or stainless steel (or platinum in the case of my wedding rings).

I asked Heather if there was any nickel in this bracelet, and she assured me there wasn’t, but honestly you never know until you try it. I’ve been wearing this bracelet for weeks now, including three full days non-stop, and I haven’t had any reaction to the metal at all. If you have nickel allergies, rest assured this piece is safe to wear.

South Hill Designs Graphite Bracelet

I was initially worried that the magnetic clasp might come open unexpectedly and lose the charms. I’m happy to report that the four closures around the edges seems pretty secure to me, and even after lots of use, I have never had a problem with the locket opening when I didn’t want it to. For a little extra security, Heather recommended keeping the hinge side closest to my hand and the opening towards my elbow. When you do open the locket, be very careful because the frame is quite shallow and it’s super easy for the charms to fall out and get lost.

My only issue was with the pin-style clasp. It’s incredibly tight at first, and I had to pull on it so hard I was worried the strap or the metal pin might come off. It never did though, and after a few uses the strap hole loosened up a bit. Heather knows her products and advised me to open and close it a few times before actually putting the bracelet on. I followed her advice, and it definitely helped.

And now you know what Mom wants!

South Hill Designs Graphite Bracelet


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Design and purchase your special personalized jewelry at South Hill Designs. The graphite locket bracelet retails for $50 and individual charms are $5 each.

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Heather is generously giving one lucky reader a medium silver locket necklace with 18-20″ chain, a background coin, and 2 charms (or a $40 gift certificate to put towards whatever they would like). Win this for yourself or create a custom necklace for someone special. This giveaway is open worldwide, 18+. All entries will be verified. Prize delivery is not guaranteed by Christmas, so please plan accordingly.

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Disclosure: I received a sample item for review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. Your experience may differ.

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