May Baby Names

When May arrives, we know summer is on its way. The days are getting longer and warmer, the trees are blossoming, and flowers are running riot everywhere. What a beautiful month to welcome a baby!

Inspiration for this month’s baby names include Mother’s Day, Beltane, the May zodiac signs Taurus and Gemini, and flowers of course. If you’re expecting a new baby this May, check out our list of 34 baby names perfectly suited to this time of year.

May Baby Names for Girls

Ayana means beautiful flower (Ethiopian).

Blossom is a lovely name for a May baby.

Emerald is May’s gemstone.

Flora means flower (Latin).

Ina means mother (Latin).

Kiele means gardenia flower (Hawaiian).

Kielo means lily of the valley, May’s birth flower (Finnish).

Lilac is another pretty flower name.

Lily, or lily of the valley, is May’s birth flower.

Lys is a pretty variation of lily (French)

Mali means jasmine flower (Thai).

May/Mae is a natural choice for a baby girl born in the month of May. The name is derived from the Greek and Roman goddess Maia, meaning good mother.

Medora means mother’s gift (Greek).

Miki means flower stalk (Japanese).

Petal has a strong vintage appeal for flower-lovers.

Rosine is a fresh take on the classic Rose name, meaning little rose (Latin).

Tamsin means twin, an appropriate choice for a Gemini baby (Hebrew).


May Baby Names for Boys

Castor is one of the twins in Gemini constellation, meaning pious one (Greek).

Damarion means young bull, a fitting name for a baby born under the sign of Taurus (Greek).

Denver means green valley (English).

Fintan means white fire, a reference to the Beltane fires traditionally lit to celebrate the start of summer (Irish).

Florin is a variant of the Latin name Florentius meaning blossoming or flower (German).

Grove is a modern take on the name Grover which means living near a grove of trees.

Hawthorn is a flowering shrub, also called the May-tree.

Jacek is short for Jacenty, meaning hyacinth (Polish).

Maso is short for Tomasso, a variant of Thomas (Italian).

Niraj means lotus flower, literally born in water (Hindi).

Pollux in the other twin in the Gemini constellation, meaning crown (Greek).

Quigley means from the mother’s side (Irish).

Quintus means fifth which makes it appropriate for a baby boy born in the fifth month (Latin).

Tam is a strong Scottish variant of the traditional name Thomas, meaning twin.

Teo is a unique variant of Thomas.

Thomas means twin (Aramaic).

Zahir means to blossom (Arabic).


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