November Baby Names

By the time November arrives, fall is in full swing. The temperatures are falling along with all the leaves, and it’s getting dark earlier and earlier. It feels like a good time to curl up on the couch with a good book and do some nesting before your new baby arrives.

If you’re expecting a baby this November, here are 30 baby names inspired by the colours of the season and Thanksgiving gratitude.

November Baby Names for Girls

Amber refers to both the golden colour and fossilized tree resin used in jewelry. The word itself means sky (Sanskrit).

Asanti means thankful (Kiswahili).

Camellia is an beautiful flower from Asia that blooms in late autumn.

Citrine is one of November’s birthstones. Its name means lemon, which makes sense given its bright yellow hue (French). 

Chrysanthemum is November’s birth flower. While this might be a bit of a mouthful, Chrys or Crisanta (a short form from Spanish) would also work.

Eleven is now a name, courtesy of the Netflix hit show Stranger Things, and since November is the 11th month of the year, a quirky pop culture-inspired choice for your November baby.

Grace means thanks (Latin).

Jora means autumn rain (Hebrew).

Mililani means to give thanks (Hawaiian).

Omaira means red (Arabic).

Peony is another birth flower for November, and its meaning of cheerfulness and friendship makes this old-fashioned name fresh again.

Sienna comes from the Italian city of Siena which also lends its name to a reddish shade of brown (Latin).

Sorrel is both a tangy herb and a reddish brown colour (French).

Topaz is the second of November’s birthstones and a unique baby name meaning to seek (Latin). While it comes in several colours, its yellow-orange type is most associated with this month.

Tawny refers to yellow-brown shades, especially appropriate for a November baby.

November Baby Names for Boys

Archer is the symbol for the astrological sign of Sagittarius. 

Azaroa means November in Basque.

Baize means dark brown (French).

Bruno means brown (German).

Donovan, from the Irish surname, means brown and dark (Irish).

Duncan means brown warrior (Scottish).

Dunn means brown (Gaelic).

Jayden means thankful, a great choice for a Thanksgiving baby (Hebrew).

Keir means wet ground (Irish).

Nihar means fog or mist, common November weather (Hindi).

Radley means red meadow (Old English).

Rei means gratitude (Japanese).

Roux means russet, or reddish brown (Latin). Reminiscent of Rue in Hunger Games.

Shakir means grateful (Arabic).

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