August Baby Names

Whew! When August arrives, you know it’s the height of summer. If you’re pregnant this month, you may not be enjoying the heat as much as everyone else though. Be sure to drink lots of water (try this refreshing raspberry basil infused water for a tasty, no sugar beverage), rest when you can, and sleep with your feet propped up on a pillow.

If you’re expecting a baby in August, take a look at our list of baby names inspired by the summer heat, summer flowers, harvest time, and August’s zodiac sign of Leo.

August Baby Names for Girls

Aphra means dust (Hebrew).

Aria is a pretty and strong name meaning lion, inspired by the zodiac sign, Leo. It also sounds similar to the popular name Arya from Game of Thrones.

Augusta is a feminine version of August, meaning great and magnificent.

Dahlia is a bold name inspired by the bright, heat-loving dahlia flower.

Gladys is an old-fashioned name inspired by the gladiolus, one of August’s flowers of the month. Maybe it’s time for a comeback?

Kaya means summer night (Japanese).

Leonie/Leoni means lion (Greek).

Misae means born beneath a white-hot sun (Native American).

Oralie means golden (Latin).

Peridot is August’s birthstone and a unique name for your August baby. Peri would make a cute nickname!

Poppy is another birth flower for August.

Sahara refers to the desert of the same name (Arabic).

Suma means born in summer (English).

Suravi means sun (Bengali).

Zea means wheat (Latin).

Ziya means light and splendour (Arabic).

August Baby Names for Boys

Aiden means little fire, an appropriate name for a baby boy born in the heat of summer (Irish).

Aland means bright sun (English).

Arman refers to the summer-blooming amaranth flower (Greek).

August/Augustus is a traditional name for your August baby. The month of August was named after Augustus Caesar and means great and magnificent (Latin).

Cyro means sun (Greek)

Dagan means grain. This fresh, modern name refers to the wheat and corn being harvested this month (Hebrew).

Dune is a unique name evoking sand hills gently rolling through the heat of the desert (and a classic science fiction novel).

Gram means grain (Latin).

Gus is a classic short form of August (English).

Heller means bright (German).

Leo is a warm and trendy name for babies born under the zodiac sign of the same name, meaning lion (Latin).

Leonardo means lion (Italian).

Lionel means baby lion (Greek).

Marudeva means lord of the desert (Hindi).

Sampson means of the sun (Hebrew).

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