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Some days it feels like I’m struggling under a mountain of stuff. Between the toys, the clothes, the books, and the million and one drawings floating around my house, I need help organizing and storing everything. I’ve been working on teaching my 2-year-old and 4-year-old to organize and pick up their toys, so eco-chic Canadian online retailer Rockpretty Kids sent us this set of three pretty Keep Leaf Storage Bins in the Birds and Fruit prints.

Keep Leaf storage bins

I stuffed the girl’s collection of dress-up clothes in the largest bin (17″ x 15″), filled the medium bin (10.5″ x 10″) with all their play food and dishes, and organized some of our craft supplies in the small bin (7″ x 8″).

These sturdy Keep Leaf storage bins are made from 100% organic cotton canvas and come in several cute prints. My favourite is definitely the Fruit (apple) print. Each round canvas bin comes with a colour coordinated rope handle (two handles on the large bin). They’re soft-sided so they fold up and store pretty much anywhere when not in use, and they’re super easy to carry around, even by young children. Even the large bin is very portable for Tee. She just throws the handles over her shoulder like a big tote bag. 

carrying the Keep Leaf bin

The trade off to their portability is the floppy sides. The large bin in particular does not stay open or stay up unless it’s mostly full, and this is very frustrating for my 2-year-old when she’s trying to put her stuff away in there. The medium bin was the perfect size for us. Large enough to hold a good collection of toys, yet small enough for the sides to stay open without any support and just right for even Kay to carry.

The small bin has four fabric pockets along the inside walls to help keep small items organized. While these are a great idea, in practice they were kind of floppy too and didn’t work quite as well as I had hoped. Again, the pockets worked better when the bin was full or almost full.

small Keep Leaf storage bin

These Keep Leaf storage bins are pretty in Tee’s bedroom, but sophisticated enough that I don’t mind having them on display in my living room either. My kids really love how easily they can carry their toys around in these bins. We have several play areas in our house, so they’re awesome for tidying up and moving toys from room to room. But if you’re looking for stationary toy storage, you might want to consider a bin or box with more structure to it.

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  • This is such a neat storage bin! My grandsons have a ton of dinosaur figurines that need a storage spot and this would be perfect!

  • A wonderful storage solution! This would be great for a new mom to lug baby supplies from room to room in a pinch. When baby is older, great for toys, educational supplies, art supplies, legos, name it!

  • The largest storage tote would be great for my daughter’s playroom. her dress up clothes are overflowing the small tote they are in.

  • These are adorable! Very handy with the inside pouches. Also hadn’t heard of RP before.. thanks for introducing me to the site.

  • These look really neat! Perfect for organizing. We could def use some of these, being in a small apartment means things need to be compact and organized!

  • I’ve had a peak around both the baby and kids shops online and the stuff they sell looks great quality. I really like you storage bags. They are really attractive and probably could double as outing bags.

  • I love this idea!!! I love the prints, but would love to see some more boyish prints. I would love to try these in my boys rooms.

  • This would be a wonderful solution for organizing my sons art supplies. We have a lot of stuff just mixed into 2 big totes. I think 4 of the medium ones would sit nicely on his shelf and offer much easier access to what we need

  • Very nice idea for storage bags, makes a child feel more conscious to keep their room clean and toys and lovely belonging picked up, I love theleaf pattern and I like that they have long handle for easy handling.

  • These are pretty and handy storage bins for children. I guess the answer to the ‘stand up’ problem is to use the one you can fill. They are attractive enough to take any where. I think the girls would enjoy toting one around by themselves.

  • I can think of so many uses for those bins!! I need a few of those for various places, especially the baby’s room!! I really love the prints!!

  • These storage bags are a great idea. They would work for my daughter in college or my daughter with 3 children. Thanks!

  • I love that these containers fold up and can be taken anywhere. I also like the adorable prints.

    all natural katei

  • This store has so many interesting and unique things. I could spend the whole day there just “quickly” browsing 🙂

  • These storage bins look great because of their bright graphics. I also like the different compartments inside of them, and the fact that children can pick these up easily and put their toys away.

  • Cute storage containers! I visited the website and I love everything from their toys to back packs, everything seems so stylish and well thought out.

  • I LOVE these but I can see the trade-off btwn portability and ease of use. It is very frustrating when I have my hands full with stuff I need to put in a container and it doesn’t stay open.

    The prints are cute and I wouldn’t mind having them out in the main living area.

  • Wow, these hold a lot! It’s too bad they are so floppy. They should maybe have a wire in them so they are still collapsable but also have structure.

  • The second most popular method for organizing and storing children’s school work that I found through my research was using some version of a binder storage method. This method has the advantage of being fairly easy to assemble and keep organized and also allows for very easy future viewing. The issue here is that all these binders could really begin to take up a lot of space. Also, larger pieces of art or larger projects can be difficult to store in a binder sleeve.