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Inspired Stitchery Wet Bag Review

I have a fantastic Canadian mom and Etsy shop to introduce to you today. Growing up on the Canadian West Coast (just like me!), Jessica was raised to be environmentally conscious, and having children pushed her into an increasing awareness of her impact on the environment. She cloth diapered both her children from birth, and she soon realized the next step was to stop wasting her money on disposable napkins and paper towels. And thus Inspired Stitchery was born!

Jessica makes gorgeous wet bags for your kids and your kitchen, reusable snack bags, changing pads, tag blankets, and baby blankets. She also makes stylish reusable replacements for paper products around the house like unpaper towels and reusable cloth napkins. She chose the name Inspired Stitchery because she is constantly finding inspiration through textiles, colour and design, and nature.

Jessica sent me a set of three matching wet bags to review: a large custom wet bag made to hang off the side of my changing table, a medium wet bag with snap handle, and a small zip pouch wet bag.

Inspired Stitchery wet bags

Anatomy of an Inspired Stitchery Wet Bag

First of all, they’ve got ninjas on them! Why don’t more of my things have ninjas on them?! Seriously, this is one of the cutest prints I’ve seen in a long time.

Each wet bag closes with a zipper and is made from 2 layers of fabric: an outside layer of 100% cotton and an inside layer of waterproof PUL. The 100% cotton fabric has has a nice smooth finish. It feels thick and high quality. The PUL Jessica uses is made in non-polluting facilities in the USA and meets CPSIA and OEKO-TEX 100 standards. Plus it’s free from lead, phlalates, or BPAs!

All three wet bags were very professionally finished. The stitching was even and straight with no loose threads, and the metal zippers were well attached. The snaps on the large and medium size bags matched the red fabric nicely and were firmly attached.

To be honest, I was really nervous when it came time to wash my wet bags. Jessica’s wash instructions were to machine wash and dry with my diaper or regular laundry, but we all know what horrible things can happen when you put bright red fabric in the laundry. I’m happy (and relieved!) to report the colours did not run in the washing machine, and the cotton did not shrink in the dryer. They still look great!

Large Custom Wet Bag

This large custom hanging wet bag is a new item for Jessica. I sent her a photo and the measurements for my changing table, and she custom made the straps to fit my table exactly. When I’m home alone with my kids, it’s so much easier to throw dirty diapers into the bag rather than carting Kay and the dirty diaper with me to the laundry room where we keep the diaper pail.

As the changing table is in my main living area, it’s really important that visitors don’t smell dirty diapers when they come in! In the interests of really testing it, I left dirty diapers in this wet bag for three days. Keep in mind it was averaging about 25 degrees Celcius (77 Farenheit) while those diapers were sitting in there. This wet bag kept in all the smells and didn’t leak or wick at all. Win!

Inspired Stitchery custom wet bag

The large wet bag is 14″ x 18″ and fits about thirteen pocket diapers, or nine diapers if you’re stuffing them with two inserts apiece. It has two snap handles to attach it to the side of my changing table. I’d like to point out that these two straps can also be snapped to each other, making one large handle. This feature makes for maximum versatility and makes it a great wet bag for traveling. You can snap the handles over a hotel bathroom towel rack, or you can snap them together and hang the wet bag over a door knob or hook.

Inspired Stitchery custom wet bag straps

Medium Wet Bag

The medium wet bag is 12″ x 16″ and fits six to eight pocket diapers depending on how many inserts you’re using. It comes with a snap handle which makes it is easy to hang from a stroller handle or door knob. I took the medium wet bag with me on a day out shopping. No smells, no leaks. It’s the perfect size for a day trip’s worth of dirty diapers. When we’re done with diapers, I know I’ll use this for dirty clothes, wet swim suits, or trips to the water park. If I can give up my ninjas, I’m considering letting my preschooler take it to school to keep her spare clothes in.

Inspired Stitchery medium wet bag

Small Wet Bag

The small zip pouch wet bag measures 10″ x 6″. It’s the perfect size to pack cloth napkins to a picnic or to use as a super cute make up bag. You could also use it for mama cloth. I use it to keep my cloth wipes in. But wait – these are wet cloth wipes! I use cloth wipes and water with my diapers, so I always stash a bunch of cloth wipes in my diaper bag. But sometimes I need to change Kay and I don’t have access to a sink. Or I have to do an emergency change in the back of the car. And you know what I mean by emergency – pooplosion!

So now what I do is wet and wring out a handful of cloth wipes before leaving home, and I throw them in this handy dandy wet bag so they’re ready for me if and when I need to do a diaper change on the road. I just throw the used wipes in the larger wet bag along with the dirty diaper. They also come in handy for wiping sticky hands or cleaning faces after lunch. I love that I haven’t used a disposable baby wipe since I started doing this. The bag doesn’t leak, but I do want to emphasize that the wipes are moistened, not soaking wet. The zipper will wick if the wipes are too wet.

Inspired Stitchery small wet bag

Nobody’s Perfect

When I snapped the two handles on the large bag together, I noticed that one of the snaps was about a quarter of an inch off which made the handle bunch slightly. It’s a really minor cosmetic issue and doesn’t affect the functioning of the bag at all. I mentioned it to Jessica, and she let me know that since sending me this custom wet bag she’s changed the handle design on her hanging wet bags to have alternating snap placement, so that the ends of the straps can be snapped together. I love that she’s always working to improve her products!

I do think the large wet bag could stand to be a bit larger, but that’s a personal preference. I usually use two inserts in my pocket diapers which means I can’t fit as many diapers in there as I would like. If you use AI2s or just one insert you’ll probably be just fine.

My Recommendations

These wet bags look and feel high quality, and they passed every test with flying colours! I have no doubt they will last us a long time. I was particularly happy with how well my bag kept in diaper smells, even after three days! Jessica is warm and friendly, and she was a delight to work with. I was impressed that she was able to take my photo and scribbled measurements and come up with a bag custom fit to my own changing table. I could tell she’s committed to working with her customers so that the end product is perfect for its intended use in their homes.

I would have loved to receive a matching set of wet bags like these back when I was just starting out cloth diapering! I wholeheartedly recommend them.

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Disclosure: I received sample items for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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