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Halloween Craft: Toilet Paper Tube Mummies

Eek! Halloween is right around the corner already, so the girls and I spent yesterday afternoon making some spooky crafts. Check out these super quick and easy toilet paper tube mummies we made!

This fun Halloween craft is so easy for even the littlest kids to make and doesn’t require any special supplies. All you need is stuff you probably already have in your house – some toilet paper tubes, toilet paper, glue, and a marker. We always have a bunch of toilet paper tubes kicking around since they’re great for all sorts of crafts and make fun telescopes too!

Start by ripping up some lengths of toilet paper into thin strips. My kids LOVE this part. If you have fancy toilet paper, separate it into single ply. I try to keep the pieces about three or four squares long – it’s easier to wrap that way.

Next, apply non-toxic glue all over the bottom half of a toilet paper tube and wrap it with the toilet paper strips. We folded and twisted the strips to make them look more like old bandages. Add more glue and keep wrapping until your mummy looks the way you want. This is a great craft for toddlers and preschoolers. Very quick and easy to make, and the messier it is, the better it looks!

Do the same on the top quarter of the toilet paper tube, leaving an unwrapped gap for the mummy’s face. Once the glue is dry, draw the mummy’s face on the bare cardboard. We made ours with happy mummy faces, but you can draw them scary or gross too.


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  • Adorable! I’ve got a small drawer full of toilet paper tubes, my girl hoards them lol. These would be cute lined up in a row on a shelf. She loves to count, this would make it more fun!

  • That’s so cute! I can’t wait til my little one is old enough to partake in crafts. It was my favorite thing to do growing up. My grandma would pull out all the craft supplies & we’d go to town on it! I always feel bad throwing away ‘trash’ that could be used in a craft.

  • Perfect idea for the rolls we’ve been waiting to reuse! My daughter should be able to make these with minimal help, perfect for that independent age. 🙂