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13 All New Halloween Countdown Calendars

It’s that time of year again! October is almost here, and we can’t wait to start the countdown to Halloween. If you’re a big Halloween fan too, here are 13 of our favourite Halloween countdown calendars this year, from budget-friendly cardboard “Advent” calendars to handmade works of art you’ll want to display year after year.

1. Gothic Haunted House Art Print Halloween Advent Calendar

This art print from The Mystic Vineyard doubles as a Halloween countdown calendar. Each numbered door and window opens to show a hidden message. The lovely gothic illustrations reminds me of Edward Gorey’s black and white, pen and ink drawings.

2. Vintage Black Cat Halloween Countdown Calendar

This primitive style wooden Halloween countdown calendar is handcrafted and hand painted by husband and wife team James and Michelle Kurnel of JohnnyUNamath. The mischievous black cat is dressed like a Punch doll with a pointed hat, collar, and a long nose that moves around the board to count down the days to Halloween.

3. Funko Advent Calendar: 13 Day Spooky Halloween Countdown

Funko’s new Spooky Halloween Countdown calendar contains 14 detailed Pocket Pop! sized vinyl figures from fan favourite horror movies. Includes Beetlejuice, Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), Pennywise (It), Jack (The Shining), and more.

4. Ghostly Gathering Countdown to Halloween Calendar

This large gatefold-style countdown calendar measures 18″ wide and folds out so it can stand up on its own. Each cardboard window hides a fun picture and Halloween-themed joke or riddle to count down each day.

5. Halloween Mice Haunted House Advent Calendar

This handmade Halloween calendar features prints of tiny Prismacolor illustrations of adorable Halloween mice drawn by Goodwerks artist Marla Goodman on brown paper. This haunted mansion is bustling with ghoulish cheer and a surprise hidden behind each window and door.

6. 13 Day Halloween Countdown Treat Holder

Wily Witch Crafts makes this cute cardstock Halloween Countdown Calendar that starts counting 13 days out from Halloween. Put your own chocolate, candy, or small toy in each box to count down the days. The front picture is of two trick or treaters lost in the woods, and the boxes are cut in a unique spider web pattern.

7. Dracula’s Castle Perpetual Halloween Countdown

This perpetual Halloween countdown calendar from Ardently Crafted is made from heavy cardstock and stands up with two little “tombstone” feet. Count down to October 31st by turning the two wheels to change the numbers in the windows on either side of the front door. On Halloween, pull up the centre tab to show Dracula rising up to greet All Hallows’ Eve.

8. The Nightmare Before Christmas Countdown Table Clock

Hot Topic makes a functioning table clock that looks just like the clock from beloved holiday movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. Now you can keep track of the days year round and count down to either Halloween and Christmas with four countdown blocks and a reversible holiday block.

9. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Halloween Countdown Calendar

Join Mickey and Minnie at their sparkling candy corn castle as they count down to Halloween. The resin figurine comes with four sparkly numbered blocks to indicate how many days are left until the big day.

10. Light-Up Wooden Haunted House Countdown

Spooky, black silhouette images decorate each of the 31 drawers in this hand painted wooden haunted house from Holiday Decor Design. Add small treats in each drawer for each day of October. Drawers 2, 14 and 16 light up!

11. Halloween Month Calendar Bags

This set of 30 numbered muslin bags from Kport Gift Company is printed with Halloween images perfect for stocking with small candies, treats, toys, or notes to open every day. These bags can be hidden under a pillow or handed out at the breakfast table for a fun family tradition.

12. Classic Horror Movie Countdown Calendar

This calendar from Print Witchery features illustrated film scenes of 30 classic horror movies from the 1920s through the 1970s. On the back you’ll find the title, year, and a little description of each film scene hidden behind the little paper doors. It’s creepy AND educational!

13. Heirloom Halloween Countdown Calendar

This amazing haunted mansion from Etsy artisan Zombolina is inspired by England’s Ettington Park Hotel, the mansion used in the 1965 classic horror film The Haunting. Handcrafted from 13 layers of Baltic birch plywood and 32 solid cherry wood doors with real, miniature brass hinges, this work of art goes for a whopping $1200 and measures 18.5″ wide and 14.5″ tall. There’s plenty of room behind each door to hide Halloween treats counting down the whole month of October. The inscription “Felix Vesper Ominium Sactorum Vois” means “Happy All Hallows’ Eve” in Latin.

Limited edition of 13 numbered and signed pieces.

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