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Earth Day Cloth Diaper Roundup

Earth Day is coming up this week, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to put together another themed cloth diaper round up for you. Honestly, any cloth diaper is a best bet for Earth Day. I mean, they’re reusable, energy-saving, economical, and one cloth diaper can replace 500 or more disposable diapers.

The average baby will require 6000 or more diaper changes. If we’re talking disposable diapers, that’s a huge burden of trash in the landfill (not to mention the thousands of dollars just thrown away). And since disposable diapers, even “eco-friendly” sposies, take somewhere between 250-500 years to biodegrade in the landfill, every single diaper ever made since their mass market introduction in 1961 is still sitting there. Ugh.

That’s why the sixth annual Great Cloth Diaper Change is such a big deal! GCDC comes the day after Earth Day on April 23, 2016 at 11:00 am local time. Cloth diapering parents all over the world will come together to take part in the largest cloth diaper event of the year. Visit the GCDC site to find a location to join in near you!

In the meantime, I’ve put together this list of some extra adorable cloth diapers for Earth Day to celebrate how environmentally-friendly your baby’s tushie can be!

Earth Day Cloth Diaper Roundup

While it’s not specifically for Earth Day, the new Smart Bottoms Enchanted print fairy tale forest would be perfect for the day! It comes in one size AIO Smart Bottom 3.1, newborn AIO Born Smart, and Too Smart covers.

Smart Bottoms Enchanted

Kayla, the Canadian WAHM behind Lily’s Dreams, upcycles thrift store finds into wool soakers with pretty appliques. Did you know that a Lily’s Dreams soaker was one of the first reviews I ever did on this blog? This exact tree design even! 

Lily's Dreams upcycled angora wool soaker

This one size Earth Life diaper cover from Psalm Baby fits over a fitted diaper, prefold, flat diaper, or lay-in insert to make any diaper green and leafy for Earth Day!

PsalmBaby OS Earth Life Cover

Rake & Button is another Canadian WAHM who handmakes hybrid fitted diapers, hats, scarves, and car coats. This Go Green/Recycle one size hybrid fitted is made from organic bamboo velour and organic cotton velour to make it extra squishy!

Rake & Button Go Green-Recycle OS Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper

Primm N Proper Baby has a few different one size hybrid fitteds for Earth Day, but this one is my favourite. I love how Meaghan has carefully placed the heart-shaped Earth right in the middle of the bum!

Primm n Proper Baby - OS Hybrid Fitted

Rae Bums Boutique makes one size pocket diapers in this Down to Earth print and matching green athletic wicking jersey lining. She also makes an adorably tiny newborn version.  (This shop is now closed.)

RaeBums OS Pocket Diaper with AWJ Lining

I’ve picked another upcycled wool soaker for the list (because what could be greener than repurposing old clothes?), this one from MyEcoBaby. I love the tree and leaf design on this lambswool/angora blend.

My Eco Baby - upcycled wool soaker

Here’s another one size hybrid fitted diaper. P’tit Baby‘s diaper features not one, but two Earth Day prints. If you look closely at the orange cotton knit, those are heart-shaped recycle cycles!

P'tit Baby - OS Earth Day Hybrid Fitted

My last pick isn’t actually a diaper, but I thought this cloth diaper print was a wonderful addition! Sandhill Press creates adorable, frameable cloth diaper art that celebrates our love for fluff. This one in particular caught my eye. “Baby Tested, Earth Approved” is perfect to wrap up this list!Sandhill Press - Baby Tested, Earth Approved

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  • I have always used cloth diapers because I was aware that one could save enough in one year to buy a washer and dryer. I could not afford to throw away that kind of money. I wonder if all moms out there know the time it takes a disposable diaper to be really ‘disposed.’ I think most would be quite shocked to find out.

  • Amazing roundup! Can’t wait to order some, everyone will be jealous of my baby boy’s cute (and Earth-friendly!) bum 🙂

  • I love my cloth diapers. I originally started it not really knowing too much about it, but now I love my stash. I have to keep myself from buying more (with all of the cute prints)!