The Benefits of a Musical Education for Your Child and How to Find the Right Music Teacher

Something you might not know about me is that I’ve been a singer my whole life. As far back as I can remember I’ve loved music and singing. I took voice lessons and sang in choirs all through elementary school, high school, and right into university. I sang at competitions, even won a couple of medals, and I’m still the mom belting out rock ballads with the radio as I drive around town.

Something you do know about me is that I’m a mom of two little girls, and like any parent, I want to help them achieve their full intellectual, social, and creative potential. Some days that’s letting them make a mess as they create works of art for my fridge. Other days it’s letting them bang away on our piano as they compose their own songs about the hard life of a preschooler.

“Mama makes me clean my room, it’s broccoli for dinner again. Life’s hard when you’re four, too short to get more, I’ve got the preschooler bluuues.”

Music education is a vital part of raising happy and well-rounded children! Here's how to find the right music teacher for your child.

I firmly believe that music and arts education are a vital part of raising happy and well-rounded children. Music training benefits brain structure and brain function, and by increasing children’s cognitive capacities, enables them to perform better in other aspects of their lives too. Music education is known to improve children’s language abilities, attention span and ability to focus, emotional resilience, empathy for others, and self-confidence. Studies have even linked music lessons with higher IQ and academic performance. Of course I want that for my girls!

You know, I also took piano lessons when I was a little girl, but when my family moved, we never found a new piano teacher in our new neighbourhood. As an adult, I always regretted that. Who knows? I might have been the next Alicia Keys! But I do understand it would have been a lot more challenging back then to find a new teacher. If you didn’t know someone by word of mouth, your only other option would have been opening up your Yellow Pages and picking any old someone at random.

piano playing

Sure, it used to be challenging to find the right music teacher for your child, but fortunately times have changed since then. The Royal Conservatory‘s online National Music Teacher Directory can help you to easily find the right teacher for your child, right in your area. From accordion to violoncello, music composition to voice lessons, all you need to do is select the type of teacher you’re interested in and input your postal code. Or you can leave the Choose Your Discipline box empty and get a complete list of all the music teachers in your area.

All the teachers in the National Music Teacher Directory follow the internationally recognized Royal Conservatory Certificate Program so you can feel confident in knowing they’ll provide your child with a high quality, comprehensive, and effective music curriculum.

Are you interested in giving your child all the benefits of music education? Your first step is to visit the National Music Teacher Directory!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. Your experience may differ.

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  • I took piano lessons when I was a kid and I still regret not sticking with it. When mine is older I hope to get him some sort of music lessons, whether piano or something else.

  • Not only hard to find a teacher but one with your style!! Here in Cape Breton we are more strasbays and reels than classic.

  • I wish that I had had piano lessons as a child…I played the clarinet. A fine instrument, but…not quite the same thing. 🙁

  • I took piano lessons and classes for the alto saxophone, and I see how great music can be in your life. I agree it is important to find the right teacher for piano lessons.

  • Wow
    I never realized the impact that music has on our children’s brains
    My daughter is signed up for singing lessons beginning in November at a community center in kitchener ontario
    After reading this post I’m glad we chose it!