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Weekly Peek: Been Caught Reading

I have a huge catalogue of bits and pieces of pop and rock songs in my head. I couldn’t tell you the title for most of them, and I’m pretty iffy on the artist too, but these little snatches of song pop into my head whenever a situation comes up or someone says something that reminds me of some random lyrics.

I went through a brief Jane’s Addiction phase when I was about 15 or 16 and listened to “Been Caught Stealing” all the time. Yeah, this little old school gem is kind of antisocial, and the video is still super weird, but it’s just so catchy! Well, for whatever quirky brain logic, that song was in my head when I noticed it was really, really quiet this afternoon.


been caught reading

I went looking for the kids and caught this heart meltingly sweet moment. Love this! Been caught reading is so much better than the alternatives, hey?

And if I’ve jogged your alt rock memory, here ya go!

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