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Weekly Peek: I’m a Dementor {Video Peek}

So I’ve mentioned before how obsessed the girls are with Harry Potter. Tee’s alter ego is Harry, and little Kay demands we call her Ron half the time. Tee and her classmates play Harry Potter every day at lunch, a game which seems to resolve around waving their magic wands around and Harry marrying Ginny. The funny thing is that none of the other 6-year-olds have actually read the books or seen any of the movies. Tee is definitely the leader here.

Little sister Kay is almost always relegated to playing Ron the sidekick, but recently she’s discovered a new way to play Harry Potter. She’s a Dementor!

I'm a Dementor

She even asked me to make a video of her Dementoring. I gotta say this is the cutest Dementor I’ve ever seen!

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  • I did not know what a Dementor was so I enlarged my vocabulary by looking up the meaning.-Someone who sucks the goodness and intelligence of others. I do not think Kay would know this. She probably sees them as wonderful Creatures who fly. I would like to fly too.