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Weekly Peek: #Prisma Portrait Variations

This week’s peek is just for fun. If you haven’t seen this yet, Prisma is a free app that adds filters and effects to your photos and turns them into works of art. It’s been available on iOS since June, and it’s now finally available for Android users too!

We were Pokémon hunting at the playground this evening when I took this picture of Kay. I was playing around with the photo on Prism and decided to share a few of my fave “art works” with you.

Here’s the original.

Prisma - unfiltered photo

And here are some of my favourite filtered images:

Prisma - mosaic

Filter: Mosaic

Prisma - light summer reading

Filter: Light Summer Reading

Prisma - Roy

Filter: Roy

Prisma - candy

Filter: Candy

Prisma - Tokyo

Filter: Tokyo

Prisma - Wave

Filter: Wave


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