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Weekly Peek: Happy Grandpa Day!

For whatever reason, it’s taken my girls a long time to feel comfortable around my dad. They don’t see him as often as they see their grandma on hubby’s side, but infrequent visits never seemed to stop them from playing with their Uncle Adam or snuggling with Aunty Kristy. For the longest time they were shy around him, especially Tee. They were reluctant to talk to him directly and didn’t want to give him hugs or kisses. I never forced them – I believe that everyone, even children, have the right to say who they will and will not kiss – but he was always disappointed when they refused. They’re his only grandkids, and he wanted to be closer to them.

I’m happy to say they seem to have gotten over their shyness the last few times they’ve seen him. They happily hug and kiss Grandpa goodbye, clamour to sit on his lap to be hung upside down, and on his last visit Tee read a story to him. We went for dim sum a couple of days ago (kind of a belated Father’s Day and a graduation celebration for Tee all in one) and that’s where I snapped this pic. See that Happy Grandpa Day card in front of him? I think you can see his contentment here.

We love Grandpa

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  • My kids have always adored my dad, especially my daughter. But they took longer to warm up to my FIL. My son was actually afraid of him for a while due to a misunderstanding and thought he was a wolf (his name is Wilf but my son thought we were calling him wolf)! Once that was cleared up he was more comfortable around him. It’s funny how kids can get confused about things we probably never have even thought of!