Itsy Bitsy Necessities is Celebrating 2500 Fans with a Diaper-to-Go Bag Giveaway!

Win a Diaper-to-Go bag and a snack bag from Itsy Bitsy Necessities! (US/CAN, 10/14)

Today I’m helping Sara over at Itsy Bitsy Necessities celebrate an exciting milestone: 2500 fans on Facebook! Sara wants to say THANK YOU with a fun giveaway for one of her popular Diaper-to-Go bags and a matching snack bag.

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16 Gluten-Free Pumpkin Recipes for Fall

The leaves are starting to turn, and the weather is starting to cool. This is my favourite time of year, as hot, dusty summer days slowly transform into crisp, cool mornings and bright blue skies. What better time to bring you a new recipe roundup of gluten-free, allergy-friendly fall recipes featuring the classic fall flavours of pumpkin and warm, fragrant spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice?

16 gluten-free pumpkin recipes perfect for fall

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All About Using Cloth Baby Wipes

When you cloth diaper, it’s almost inevitable that the question of cloth wipes will come up. Eventually most parents will at least consider cloth wipes, for the same reasons that they chose to use cloth diapers in the first place. Cloth wipes are more cost-effective, create less waste in the landfill, and help you avoid the use of irritating soaps and chemicals on your baby’s delicate bottom.

For the record, cloth does a MUCH better job at cleaning poopy bums than a disposable baby wipe. The fabric “grabs” the mess and makes messy clean ups easier. They’re also much better at keeping your hands poop-free. Disposable wipes are so thin, they don’t offer anywhere near as much protection.

All About Using Cloth Baby Wipes - types of cloth wipes, how to store wipes, using a wet or dry system, and laundry.

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When Did You Last Vacuum Your Mattress?

According to a recent Dyson survey, 61% of us don’t vacuum our mattresses. Did you know you’re supposed to vacuum your mattress? Um, I didn’t. Though when you stop to think about it, it totally makes sense. After all, you spend a third of your life sleeping there, so why wouldn’t you clean it regularly?

You may want to look away if you’re squeamish, but mattresses can contain between 10,000 and two million dust mites. These mites live in the mattress and feed on the dead skin cells that are constantly sloughing off us. Ewww. Of course where dust mites are eating, they’re also pooping, and a lot of people are allergic to a protein found in dust mite droppings. Allergic reactions range from allergic rhinitis (hi, that’s me!), asthma, and even eczema.

Vacuum your mattress regularly to keep dust mites and allergens under control.

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Disney On Ice Presents Frozen Is Coming to Vancouver! November 25-29

I think I can safely say that we’ve been looking forward to Disney On Ice presents Frozen since before we even heard it was in production. We take the girls to Disney on Ice every year, and what could be more perfect than Frozen? On ice! This will be the event of the year in my house, as it will be for the thousands of Anna, Elsa, and Olaf fans out there!

Frozen on Ice logo

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Creamy Trinidadian Inspired Stewed Chicken Recipe

We’re two weeks in to the school year and just starting to hit our stride. Kay still has days where she isn’t sure if this preschool thing is for her, but Tee is in love with kindergarten and her new school. She’s learning so much, trading lunches with her new friends, and already fielding birthday party invitations. Every time I pick her up from school she can’t wait to regale me with stories about all the things she’s done that day.

Last week she came home bursting with excitement about how she helped harvest grape tomatoes and snap peas from the school garden. I love that she’s learning more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. Her Montessori curriculum includes a focus on learning self-sufficiency, building community, and earth stewardship as well – stuff every kid needs!

This creamy Trinidadian inspired stewed chicken is a perfect rice bowl meal for fall. Gluten-free, dairy-free and delicious!

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Why I Still Love My Flip Diaper Covers After a Year

Flip cover - front

Among many other things, I blame Target and Costco for my decision to ditch disposables and go cloth. As much as I love the convenience of those stores, it seems to be a law of nature that I always spend more than I intend to, and adding a baby to the mix magnified the problem. Funny how such a tiny little human quadrupled my spending, and he doesn’t even lift a finger around the house!

After his arrival a year and a half ago, my husband and I found ourselves heading out to the store twice as often and rarely spending under $100 each time no matter how few items were on our shopping list. The biggest culprit? Disposable diapers.

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Cinderella Now on Blu-ray with “Frozen Fever” Short Film {and Free Printables!}

Cinderella Blu-ray

Last March, hubby and I convinced Grandma to take the kids for the evening, and we went out for a well-deserved dinner and a movie date. I convinced hubby to go see Cinderella with me, and we both had a wonderful night out. I’m excited that this classic fairy tale is now available on Digital HD, Blu-ray, and Disney Movies Anywhere!

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