Owlkids Books 2015 Fall Catalogue Sneak Peek {Plus a #KidLit Giveaway}

Owlkids Books has been publishing children’s magazines and a complete line of children’s books for over 35 years now. Their new fall catalogue was just released, and our friends at Owlkids kindly sent us a handful of these new releases to share with you. Take this opportunity to check out this season’s newest children’s books aimed at ages 3-7 and scroll all the way down to enter to win this same collection!

The Little Book of Big Fears by Monica Arnaldo

The Little Book of Big Fears

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Introducing the Funky Fluff LUX Line! {And the Grand Prize LUX Giveaway}

After a fabulous two-week long party, the entire Funky Fluff LUX line is now here! I didn’t think it was possible, but Funky Fluff has somehow made their diapers even better!

Funky Fluff LUX Diaper Shells

Funky Fluff one size diapers can be used as an AIO (all-in-one), AI2 (all-in-two), or a pocket diaper. The new LUX diaper shells have been refined with some small updates, but there are no major changes to report. Check out my Funky Fluff 2.0 Bamboo and Funky Fluff 2.0 Stay Dry reviews to get the basics. Here’s how the 2.0 and the LUX diaper shells compare, inside and out.

Funky Fluff 2.0 vs. Funky Fluff LUX

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Safari Tales Mobile App: Learning Through Creative Play

I think my five-year-old is similar to most other kids her age. She loves playing on my iPad, and she’s better at using it than most adults I know. If I let her, she’d spend all day playing games and watching those annoying unboxing videos and cake making tutorials. (Seriously, what five-year-old is into cake decorating how-to videos?)

But I do think there is a time and place for limited electronic entertainment. When we’re waiting in a long line somewhere, or I need a break (hey, I’m human!), or just because she wants to play a game. I much prefer having her actively engaged, learning, and interacting with an educational game than passively watching TV, so I’m always on the lookout for well-conceived and well-designed games that meet these criteria. One of these is Kuato Studios’ Safari Tales, an interactive 3D app aimed at kids ages 4-10 and designed to enhance literacy skills.

Safari Tales mobile app: learning through creative play

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How Do You Griddle? {Plus a Circulon Giveaway}

When we went from a family of two to a family of four, breakfast became a bit of a kerfuffle. Weekend breakfasts are usually free range eggs from our local farm, natural bacon, and maybe some banana pancakes, but all these things need a frying pan (or three!) so it takes forever to cook everything. By the time breakfast is ready to serve, some things are no longer at their best. I like my bacon crispy, not cold and chewy!

I’ve been telling hubby for a long time that we need one of those large griddles so we can cook everything all at once instead of using two frying pans and cooking in batches. We have a glass top stove so I wanted an electric griddle rather than the kind that sits right on top of the element and might scratch the glass. And then a couple of weeks ago I finally got one. Yay! This one: a Hard Anodized Jumbo Electric Griddle from Circulon Canada.

Circulon hard anodized jumbo electric griddle

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How to Make Scrambled Eggs with Coconut Milk

How to make delicious, fluffy scrambled eggs with coconut milk!

We are not a huge milk-drinking household. Hubby and Kay have allergies, and milk just doesn’t play much of a role in our menu (cheese though, oh boy do we ever eat cheese). Goat dairy is more digestible, so sometimes we buy goat’s milk. I mostly use dairy milk just for cooking, but since we don’t always have it on hand, it’s not unheard of for me to start making a recipe that asks for milk and then realize partway through that we’re out. But since we buy coconut milk in case lots, we always have coconut milk on hand!

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Enjoy the Nostalgia of Classic Vintage Toys

My kids have done lots of toy testing in the service of this blog, often the latest and greatest, battery-operated or high tech toys. Sometimes it seems like the more multi-functions and noises a toy has, the better they like it. But I was curious to know how they might respond to traditional toys without all the bells and whistles of the toys being pushed on TV these days.

I was recently asked to check out Aaron’s Tin Toy Arcade, a family-run toy shop in historic College Park, Georgia, USA., that carries a lot of the toys I remember playing with when I was a kid, and even toys my father remembers playing with! This is the good stuff we’re talking about here – real wood blocks, tin toys, retro toys, classic toys, and even joke shop gags.

The Traditional Wooden Train Set comes with two engines, four train cars, a station house, and over five feet of wooden track.

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Win the New Chirp Books As Seen on Kids’ CBC

If you’ve been watching Kids’ CBC, then you might have seen the new television show Chirp, designed to encourage learning through imaginative play. tv

We were excited to hear that Owlkids Books is now publishing Chirp books for preschoolers based on these short episodes! Each book invites readers into a world of adventure where Chirp, Squawk, and Tweet work together to solve problems, using everyday objects and their limitless imaginations. Check out the first four books in the series and stay with me till the end where you can enter to win a Chirp books prize pack for your preschooler!

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Make Your School Lunch Litterless! #FunkinsBackToSchool

Almost there! We’ll be back to school in just under three weeks, and for the first time both my girls will be in school. That’s a lot of lunches to pack! I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a Pinterest mom. I don’t pore over Pinterest and food blogs looking for fancy bento box ideas that will fall apart before my kid shoves her lunch bag in her backpack and jogs out the door. Last year, Tee’s lunch was usually thrown together half an hour before running out of the house. But however I feel about making school lunches, the kids still have to eat!

Last week the girls had a couple of friends come over for an impromptu get together. With Tee in kindergarten this year and Kay starting preschool, this was a great opportunity to brainstorm lunch ideas with other moms while the kids hung out.

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Mustard, Lime, and Honey Chicken Recipe

I’m sorry. I know it’s been a while since I’ve shared a recipe with you. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with work and family commitments the last little while, but I’m back with this mustard, lime, and honey chicken recipe. I hope you enjoy it. It’s a little bit hot and a little bit sweet, and for once my kids like it!

This delicious mustard, lime, & honey chicken recipe is full of flavour, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly.

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