On the Go in 2015 Prize Package #Giveaway

All moms understand that it’s really hard to travel with kids, even if only going to the park or the store. Here are some great products to make getting out of the house a little easier, whether it’s just for an afternoon or for a whole weekend. We are excited to bring you this awesome giveaway in collaboration with Green Scene Mom!

Green Scene Mom On The Go in 2015 Giveaway

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Roasted Sweet Potato Bites #Recipe

Aargh! Just as my four-year-old is getting over her cold, now Keira has it. She’s coughing and feverish and wants to nurse all the time. If you’ve never had one, trust me when I tell you a sick toddler is CRANKY! My poor little baby is snotty, crabby, and clingy, all of which wreak havoc with the daily schedule, including meal prep.

It’s times like these that I’m grateful for my stash of super easy side dish recipes. This week I’m sharing one of those favourites – my roasted sweet potato bites. You may have heard that this month I’m doing a Whole30 nutritional challenge. Well, preparing every single meal with 100% whole, unprocessed foods means a lot of work. Throw sick kids into the mix, and we’re talking a Herculean task! But these kid-friendly roasted sweet potato bites are perfect for Whole30 or anytime because they’re delicious, so easy to make, and go with just about anything.

These roasted sweet potato bites are a family favourite. Delicious, so easy to make, and they go with just about anything! Paleo, Whole30, vegetarian recipe.

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Whole30 Meal Plan: Week Four

Whole30 Week Four

Almost there. Just six days to go! I’m starting to run out of steam though.

Teagan was sick last week, and she stayed home from school on Thursday and Friday. The poor thing had a fever and couldn’t stop coughing so she laid on the couch watching Max and Ruby on the PVR and eating applesauce and Jell-o for two days. At night the coughing kept waking her up, and by extension, me too. Suffice it to say, I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep for a few days, and that lack has been interfering with my motivation to get dinner going.

Finally on Saturday she started to perk up. Hubs took her grocery shopping with him which let me get some writing done. By the evening she was pretty much back to her usual spirited and energetic self. I hate it when she’s sick, but I have to admit it’s a lot more peaceful around here when she is!

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Whole30 Paleo Cabbage Rolls Recipe

In last week’s meal plan I mentioned that I wanted to try cabbage rolls. Grain-free and sugar-free of course, to make them paleo and Whole30 compliant. Honestly though, I don’t know what I was thinking, planning this for a weekday meal. While they turned out great, this is not the sort of thing you just whip up for dinner. I had no idea these would be so labour-intensive. Luckily they were delicious, but these will be strictly weekend only from now on.

These paleo cabbage rolls take a while to make, but they're so worth it! Gluten-free, grain-free, and Whole30 recipe.

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Whole30 Meal Plan: Week Three

Whole30 Week Three

We’re halfway there! Actually, if you want to be picky about it, we’re 55.7% of the way there, but who’s counting? I’m getting into the groove, and not experiencing too many cravings now.

Something I’ve noticed lately is that doing a nutritional challenge like this forces me to be intentional about the foods I’m eating and serving to my family. Because I need to actually look at every ingredient label and carefully consider what’s in the food we eat, I find myself thinking more deliberately about whether a particular food is something I want to feed myself or my children.

That’s not to say that we’ll be moving into the country and growing our own food or raising our own livestock anytime soon. I still think there’s room for goodies and special occasion treats. I do think it’s important to be conscious of these decisions. I don’t want to just go along on autopilot and eat what we’ve always eaten just because it’s a habit. Being intentional about my food decisions (and other decisions too, of course) keeps me moving towards my long-term goals.

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Sar n’dippa Dee Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper Review

Welcome to the first annual Cloth is Cool giveaway hop! Your hosts, the Zephyr Hill Blog and Cloth Diaper Addicts, and all the participating bloggers and retailers wish you a happy, successful, and fluffy 2015! Winning a new diaper would be a great start! All the giveaway information is at the bottom of this post.

You know I love discovering new Canadian WAHMs and diapers, right? Last month I featured Canadian WAHM Sar n’dippa Dee in my Christmas diapers roundup, and now I’m excited to review one of her hybrid fitted diapers for you!

Dee sent me this super cute hybrid with Care Bears woven cotton print on the bum and wings, paired with this pretty rainbow stripe. I love the nostalgia of this print. And even though my kids haven’t seen the Care Bears, Keira can’t resist the adorable bears on her diaper either!

Sar n'dippa Dee hybrid fitted diaper
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