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Win Your Postpartum Pad Stash #Giveaway! {Closed}

Win Your Post Partum Pad Stash! (US/CAN, 10/13)

There’s no better time than postpartum to convert to cloth pads. Or, perhaps you’ve already made the switch. Either way, winning a full stash of postpartum pads is a great way to start or boost your stash. You don’t have to be pregnant or trying to conceive, either… postpartum pads are great for overnight or for your heavy flow days!

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What Will Be in Your Postpartum Stash?

Remember, even if you’re not going to be postpartum any time soon, these pads will be great for your period’s heavy flow days!

  • 17″ organic jersey/bamboo fleece postpartum pad from Janine’s Place ($20);
  • 14″ cotton velour/heavy bamboo fleece postpartum pad & a set of waterproof nursing pads from Occupied Mind Creations ($19);
  • Custom-made pad, your choice of length and absorbency, from Pretty Eco Intimates ($15);
  • $25 gift certificate from Lunapads;
  • 13″ post-partum/overnight pad with 4 layers heavy organic bamboo fleece from Cotton Candy Eco Cloth ($13.50);
  • Terry cloth and flannel Color Night/Postpartum pad from GladRags ($19);
  • 100% cotton pocket pad with two inserts and a set of 100% cotton contoured nursing pads from MamaCloth ($15);
  • 2-pack of hemp/organic cotton long, heavy flow pads from Öko Creations ($25);
  • 3-pack of heavy flow pads and a mini wetbag from Hip Huggers ($15);
  • Tree Hugger night/postpartum pad offered up by Lil’ Monkey Cheeks ($15.50);
  • Exclusive Organic Cotton New Mother Gift Bag Set from NatraCare (disposable products) including a pack of maternity pads, a pack of baby wipes and a canvas reusable bag ($25);
  • A Maxwell Designs Grab & Go wallet, perfect for toting your stash on the go! ($26)

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  • My sister just went through PP bleeding and while I was visiting, one of my errands was to purchase big huge fat pads for her and they only come in big huge packages too. I can say that that’s not a purchase I want to have to make because it seems so wasteful – but based on what she was telling me, I’m also worried a bit about the mess only because I will be exhausted and distracted when it comes along.

  • I am most interested in the Luna pads because that’s something I’ve been wanting to try for regular menstruation as well ever since I read “Sleeping Naked is Green”. But they all sound comparable and lovely 🙂

  • My main concern is for the mess, and, to a lesser degree, the possible bulkiness and appearance of the pads under clothing…but I’m planning to try cloth pads anyway!

  • I know safer is more work….everything is so simple these days and so much easier… BUT not safer as far as I am concerned cemicals are everywhere …I will be using these