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The End of a Sunbaby Cloth Diaper Era

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a long-term review of my Sunbaby cloth diapers. Since then, despite some less than stellar pictures, it’s been one of my most popular blog posts. I guess a lot of you are looking for Sunbaby diaper reviews!


This was Kay modeling a Sunbaby cloth diaper in August 2013.

To recap, Sunbabies are very economical one size pocket diapers made in China. They come in a standard size 1 and slightly larger size 2, both of which are one size and advertised to fit from 7-35 pounds.

When I wrote the original review post, I had been using one dozen size 1 Sunbaby diapers on a daily basis for about two and a half years. Well, now it’s been four years. After four years and two babies, those twelve diapers I bought back in April 2011 are starting to go. The elastics on two of the diapers have relaxed entirely, and I suspect the rest won’t be long to follow. Unfortunately, when the elastic isn’t elastic anymore, the diaper will leak.

Sunbaby cloth diapers 4 years later

I should add that aside from the the elastic, the diaper is still is good working order. The PUL is in great shape and all the seams and snaps are fine. Sunbaby diaper elastics are attached at either end but not stitched along the length which makes replacing the elastic a fairly straightforward repair. To be honest I don’t think I’ll bother to do this myself though. Keira will be potty training soon (I hope!), so I think it’s time to pass these along to Cloth for a Cause, a Canadian cloth diaper charity that accepts donations of new, used, and repairable diapers.

It’s a sad, sad day. These diapers have been my workhorse diaper for the last four years, but considering I paid $4 apiece with free shipping, I think it’s safe to say I got my money’s worth! And with a new set of elastics, these may even get a little more life and help out a struggling family at the same time.

Have you ever experienced relaxed elastics with any of your own diapers? Did you know you can repair or donate them?

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  • We’ve never experienced relaxed elastics on any of our diapers. And our Sunbaby diaper is in fantastic shape after almost 2 yrs, getting ready to hand it over to a friend who is expecting! The only issue I’ve ever had with Sunbaby is the sizing. Actually it’s not even the diapers fault, my baby had MASSIVE meaty thighs.

    • Lol, I found the size 2 better for older babies and toddlers, but I remember you telling me about how big your baby’s legs are and even those might be tight. Have you tried the size 3 AppleCheeks yet?

    • Yes! I love that it saves so many diapers from being thrown out. I don’t really have the skills, but they’re easily fixed by someone with the know how.

  • Are Sunbaby considered a “China Cheapie?” I’m impressed these lasted you so long! I just got my first one and I hope it does as well.

    • Probably not. I think it’s great that cloth diaper charities are starting to spring up everywhere to help parents afford diapers for their kids.

  • I bought 6 sun baby diapers almost 2 years ago now. I’ve had one start leaking at the elastic stitching. I think it’s because hubby has big hands and stretched the PUL to the point of damage in that area when stuffing them. It still works great as a swim diaper though. I’ve also had three of the 6 diapers require re-stitching along the elastic casing because the thread came loose. All the elastics are still in great condition and all the PUL except that one are still in great condition. Overall I’ve been very happy with the sun babies and am looking forward to using the on baby 2!

  • I wanted to ask what kind of Sunbaby did you use? They have microfiber, blended and bamboo.
    I’m trying to decide the best material for my babies.

    • Hi Tiffany, I actually didn’t buy their inserts. I just used their pockets/shells and stuffed them with inserts I already had. From what I’ve seen though, their inserts are pretty standard. In general, microfiber is cheapest and absorbs fastest, but it wears out quicker and is prone to smells and compression leaks. Bamboo costs more and hold more liquid. This post here may help:

  • What kind of wash routine do you use on them? I’m very impressed that they lasted that long. I have 6 of them and I really like them and want them to last as long as possible.

    • Hi Katelyn, I really didn’t do anything special other than hanging the shells to dry (I line dry all my PUL items). Just prewash and warm water wash with Tide, cold water rinse, extra rinse, then line dry.