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Sunbaby 4.0 One Size Diaper Review: Two Years Later

As an avid fluff addict and frugal mama, I always search out and read cloth diaper reviews before putting my money down for new diapers. But most reviews are by necessity limited in the amount of time they cover. It’s rare to see reviews for diapers that have been tested longer than two or three weeks, a couple of months tops. So I decided it would be helpful to review some of the older diapers in my stash to see how they have held up over time, both in terms of appearance and in performance. Back in April of 2011, I bought one dozen Sunbaby diapers directly from the manufacturer in China. Today I’m going to review how they have held up since then.

Sunbaby 4.0 one size cloth diapers - How have they held up after two years of daily use?

Anatomy of a Sunbaby Pocket Diaper

Sunbaby diapers are very economical one size pocket diapers made in China. They’re advertised to fit from 7-35 pounds and are currently sold in packs of 6, 12, or 24 with your choice of microfiber, bamboo, blend, or no insert. They only come in snaps; there is no hook and loop version.

These diapers have a waterproof PUL exterior and come in many different solids and prints. (The range of prints available on the website changes from time to time.) The inner lining is microfleece which helps wick wetness away from baby’s bum. The pocket opens in the back and has a microfleece flap that covers the opening to keep the insert covered and to help hold in leaks. There is an extra strip of PUL sewn in the front to help stop wicking and tummy leaks.

Sunbaby 4.0 one size cloth diapers - How have they held up after two years of daily use?

Sunbaby diapers have a flat front and elasticized back. Because they’re one size, these diapers have a LOT of snaps to adjust the fit to your baby. This diaper has 3 rows of 2 snaps on the front to adjust the rise and size of the diaper. There are 10 snaps across the front to adjust waist sizing and 4 snaps at each hip for leg hole sizing. Each wing has 2 waist snaps and 1 hip snap, but no crossover snaps.

Sunbaby 4.0 one size cloth diapers - How have they held up after two years of daily use?

To adjust the diaper to its smallest size, snap the top row of rise snaps into the bottom row. Use the middle row for the medium size, and leave the snaps undone for the largest size.

Sunbaby 4.0 one size cloth diapers - How have they held up after two years of daily use?

Diaper Fit & Performance

When I bought these almost two and a half years ago, my first little girl was 14 months old, 22 pounds, and 30″ tall. Tee wore these on a daily basis until she was around two and a half. They’re easy to stuff, even for daddy hands, and can accommodate one or two standard inserts and even a trifolded prefold diaper. Tee was a heavy wetter (hence stuffing with prefolds), but I never had any problems with leaking or wicking unless the diaper was on for too long (more than 3 hours). She regularly napped in these with no problems, but I can’t comment on overnight use since we didn’t use pocket diapers overnight.

When Kay was born, I found them to be a bit bulky on her so she didn’t begin using them until she had outgrown her newborn diapers at about 12-14 pounds. I think they would have fit her okay earlier. I just preferred the trimmer fit and look of sized newborn diapers. If I had not had my newborn diapers, I would have been fine to use the Sunbabys.

Today Kay is one year old, 20 pounds, and 28.5″ tall. As you can see, they fit her comfortably, don’t gap in the legs, and don’t leave red marks on her chubby thighs. We don’t have any problems with nap time leaks, but I have experienced wicking at the legs and at the waist when the inserts get completely saturated during overnight use.

Sunbaby 4.0 one size cloth diapers - How have they held up after two years of daily use?

Did They Last?

Back in April 2011, I paid $48 USD for twelve diapers without inserts. Shipping was free. What an incredible deal, right? But how did they stand the test of time?

I’m happy to say that two babies and more than two years later, every single diaper of the original 12 is still functioning perfectly. Not one diaper has delaminated. Not one snap has come loose. The elastics are all in good shape, and the PUL has not faded significantly. From a cosmetic perspective, the microfleece linings are quite pilly as would be expected after two years of washing. The lining also has noticeable yellowing and staining. Neither of these issues affects the diaper’s function in the least.

Sunbaby 4.0 one size cloth diapers - How have they held up after two years of daily use?

Nobody’s Perfect

The only criticism I have is around sizing. My first baby outgrew her Sunbabys when she was two and a half years old. She was about 28 pounds then, nowhere near the 35 pounds these diapers are advertised to fit. I think Sunbaby recognized this problem because later in 2011 they came out with size 2 diapers. I have a few of these in my stash, and they definitely fit larger. The size 2s have a wider crotch and a higher rise. My one-year-old is already on the largest size of her size 1 Sunbabys, but still has one row of snaps left to go on her size 2s. For your reference, here’s a picture of the two sizes side by side.

Sunbaby 4.0 one size cloth diapers - How have they held up after two years of daily use?


Overall, I would recommend Sunbaby diapers to any mom looking for economical diapers. The initial start up costs of cloth diapering can be intimidating to new parents, and I appreciate that these diapers are really affordable and therefore more accessible to parents who might not otherwise be open to cloth diapering.

I know that some may take issue with the fact that these diapers are made in China. As so many of our consumer goods here in North America are made in Asia, I don’t see a big difference between diapers made in China, and onesies or baby carriers or iPhones made in China. On the Sunbaby website, the owner states that her diapers are manufactured in Shanghai under fair labour conditions.

These diapers fit both my babies well (up to 28 pounds), and my experience has shown that they’re surprisingly durable for such an inexpensive diaper. If you want them to fit until potty training, I would suggest going with size 2 unless you have a preemie or a small baby. However, don’t expect the size 2 diapers to fit properly before 10-12 pounds. Size 1 would do a better job there. At this price point, it would be a reasonable option to use size 1s for the first while and then get some size 2s if/when your baby outgrows them.

long-term diaper reviews

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I have no relationship with Sunbaby Diapers or its retailers, and I did not receive any compensation financially or in kind. I bought these diapers with my own money. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experieence. Your experience may differ.

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  • I do not cloth diaper, but I have been tempted many time by how cute they are! I absolutely LOVE that apple one! I also agree with you, that the times I have considered cloth, I always search out the reviews, and love it when there is mention of long-term use. Some products are great in the short term, but not so much in the long! Thanks for a great review!

    • Thanks, Renae. Absolutely! I want to know how a product is going to hold up with long-term use, but it can be hard to find those reviews.

  • I’ve heard the same about the sizing issues. I love the graphics with this post, good job!

    • Thank you for your kind words! The sizing is really my only criticism. They just don’t fit for as long as they’re advertised, but they’re still a good deal as far as I’m concerned.

  • Thank you SO. MUCH. for posting this! I have 8 BG 4.0’s but I really want to bulk up my stash.. doing diaper laundry every day (or more) is not fun and can’t be good for my diapers! I wanted to find a quality diaper that would last through potty training and the low price of the Sun Baby had me worried.. Your post makes me feel a lot more confident in the quality of Sun Baby diapers. 🙂

  • Great — and very accurate! — review. I bought some Sunbaby diapers around the same time you did, also direct from China. They are currently on their second babe and, yes, they are working just fine. Also no functional issues, just a little staining on the interior. I don’t know if you mentioned this but I love the way they fit both of my kids, not just size-wise but in terms of shape — they just work well on them.

    • Thanks for adding your experience! I still consider these one of the best bargains for multiple diapers out there. No bells and whistles, but they just work.

  • Hi Olivia,

    I am about to place my first Sunbaby order. Thanks for you comprehensive review. Would you be willing to comment on your care routine for Sunbaby diapers? What did you do before the first use? What detergent do you use? Do you tumble dry or line dry? And anything else that you do to care for the diapers. I am a ftm and new to cloth diapering, any info would be greatly appreciated!



    • Glad you found this helpful! I washed the diapers once and put them in the dryer before the first use (this helps seal the tiny holes in the PUL from sewing). After the first wash/dry, I line dry the pockets as high temperatures can break down the PUL layer.
      I’ve always used a dry pail (just a step pedal kitchen garbage can with a reusable pail liner), and I wash every 2 to 3 days. Of course this depends on how many diapers you have. I’ve used several different types of detergents. For the first couple years I used mostly Rockin Green, but now I currently use original Tide powder. With a newborn, I suggest doing a cold rinse, wash warm with detergent, then do a second cold rinse.

  • Oh, one more question…

    What type of insert do you use/recommend? Microfiber, bamboo, or blend? Would it be useful to have the 4 layer inserts or just the regular 3 layer?

    • I already had lots of inserts so I didn’t buy any with my Sunbaby order. What type of insert you choose is really a matter of personal choice. Microfiber is cheaper and very absorbent. I don’t find bamboo quite as absorbent, but it’s a natural fiber and doesn’t hold stink as much. If you get bamboo, be aware you’ll need to prep the insert. (This means washing and drying them 3 or 4 times to strip the natural oils out before they reach full absorbency.) I have heavy wetters, so personally I would pick 4 layer inserts even though they add a little bit more bulk.
      Best of luck with your journey into cloth diapering! I think you’ll find it’s more addictive than it seems! 🙂

  • This was a fantastic review. I appreciate that you are reviewing after 2 years!!! I don’t often read those. 🙂 very helpful to this new mom searching for cheap diapers. I can’t bring myself to pay $20 a diaper!

    Question for you. You said you like to use prefolds as an insert. What type do you use? Hope to hear back from you! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m glad that you found my review helpful.

      Most of my prefolds are infant size Bummis organic cotton prefolds. I find they’re the perfect length and width to fit most of my pocket diapers when they’re folded in thirds, and they’re super absorbent. In fact, these prefolds will be my next long-term review. Best of luck to you!

  • We just started cloth diapering and the first ones we purchased were Sunbabys! LOVE them and the price! And thank you for showing the difference between size1 and size 2. Very helpful. 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Michella! I’m glad you found this helpful. These are still one of the first diapers I grab for my baby.

  • I have an almost 11 month old, weighs about 23lbs she’s long so she’s not super chunky but she is thick. Which size should I go for?

    • Hi Mary, I’d suggest getting size 2. At this point your baby doesn’t need the smaller size, and the size 2 diapers will fit for longer.

  • Hi Olivia,

    Thank you so much this awesome long term review. This is exactly what I was looking for. Since you’ve answered most of my questions already, I just have this long did it take to ship since you ordered directly from the website(from China)? Did you opt for the free shipping?

    • So glad this was helpful to you! I did get the free shipping, and I think it was around 4 weeks for shipping. It was almost 3 years ago so it’s a little fuzzy, but I don’t remember thinking the shipping time was out of the ordinary.

    • You could probably get away with just 12 if you were willing to wash diapers every day, but I would recommend 18-24 as a more reasonable number. That would allow you to wash every other day. Good luck! 🙂

  • My son has been in sunbaby for about 2 months and we’re having some issues with leaking. I’ve been reading and I changed my detergent but also was looking at stripping them, have you had any experience with doing that? I’ve read a lot but I’m terrified I’ll ruin them. Any insight would be amazing. Thank you!

    • I’ve stripped my diapers three times in four years, so honestly I would be surprised if you need to strip them already. If you do need to strip them, I’ve had good results with a hot RLR soak then multiple rinses. But I’d double-check the fit and check for repelling issues first (this can happen from using commercial fabric softener or too much rash cream).

      I don’t know how much cloth diaper experience you have so here are just a few thoughts. Is the insert soaked? You might need to add another insert or change more often. Has your son had a recent growth spurt? Maybe you need to readjust the rise/fit. Do the leaks happen all the time or only at night? Tummy sleeping can often lead to leaks. If you still think it’s a residue problem, can you tell me more about your laundry routine?

  • I only have 2 months of experience so I’ll take ad much advice as you’ll give! The insert is soaked. I’ve started using disposables at night because my kid is a heavy wetter and he was waking up completely soaked. I changed him around every 2 hours unless he poops in which case he’s changed immediately. If we are out and about and I don’t change him almost right at 2 hours, he starts to pee through.

    When I wash I do a hot rinse cycle, a long wash on hot and add a cool rinse cycle so it goes through 2 at the end. I have a front load washer if that matters. I was using free and clear liquid but switched to tide powder after doing some more reading when looking into the leaking.

    • Your wash routine sounds fine, though I would do your first rinse on cold and be careful with the water temperature. Too much hot water can damage the PUL over time. It’s fine to wash your inserts on hot though.

      How old is your son? It sounds like you have a heavy wetter and you need to add more absorbency. Try adding another insert or using a prefold folded into thirds (that’s what I use).

      Overnights are a special challenge. Personally, I don’t have a lot of luck with pocket diapers overnight. You might want to look into fitted diapers for overnights. I wrote a review of Mother-ease fitted diapers that you might find helpful.

  • I had a different experience with Sunbaby diapers. I bought a dozen of the 4.0 brand new just over a year ago. I love the design (hip snaps, tummy panel, etc.) and the prints, but I think the reason they are so inexpensive is because they are cheaply made, too. I wash all my diapers the same way and line dry, and I’ve never had ANY issues with any of my other pockets. With Sunbaby, fully half of them have lost a snap in the last year. And it’s always a snap that I need, which renders the diaper unusable. Sunbaby only offer s 90-day warranty and instead lists other moms on their website who will fix your diaper snaps for free or cheap if you pay shipping both ways. I have 2 under 2, work full-time, exclusively breastfeed my youngest, and don’t have the time to hassle with communicating with another mom to make plans to have her fix my diapers, then tracking down packaging and getting to the post office. For some moms, that doesn’t seem like a hassle, in which case Sunbaby diapers might be a good fit. For moms who are already stretched too thin, I recommend better quality diapers.

    • Thanks for adding your perspective, Tasha. That wasn’t my experience, but I bought mine almost 3 years ago. Even after this long I’ve never lost a snap or popped a stitch. Maybe they changed their manufacturing or materials in the interim? For half of your diapers to have lost snaps is unacceptable.

  • I have had exactly the same wonderful experience as you Olivia. I am actually using them on bub number !! I even have some of the model before yours which are tiny but great for newborns. I’ve just purchased a small number of the new pull ups to try as this time I have 2 still in cloth so need to up my stash!

    I have more expensive brands too and I find sunbaby as good or better than some…so glad I went with these when I started in 2010!!

  • I bought one Sunbaby diaper in size 2, purely out of curiosity. Although I was quite happy with it at first, it didn’t take long for it to become a little too snug. As of now my 20 month old weighs 35 lbs, and I cannot stress how meaty her thighs were. She has outgrown this diaper so I’m a little glad we didn’t get anymore. But it held up perfectly for the time we did use it.

    • Thanks for your comment! So many diapers say 35 pounds max. Out of curiosity, what diapers are you using now that fit your LO?

      • If I’m on the go, I will squeeze her into an Applecheeks or BG freetime, using only one snap on each side so her massive thigh isn’t uncomfortable. For at home….I have looked far and wide to get covers in XL. Bummis and Mother-ease both make this size. They are huge lol. I use Bummis prefolds and some flats in them and we get a great fit. What I like best about Mother-ease is that they make a very light cover (called air-flow). These will be great for the summer.

  • Thanks for your post! Sunbabys were recommended by a friend, and I decided to purchase them back in march. I think mine took 3 weeks to get here. I love them! I have a great success with them overnight as well….most likely because I do 2 microfiber inserts folded inside of prefold and it fits in the pocket great and since I started adding 3 at night ive not had ANY leaks. I have a larger Alva baby diaper stash but i don’t use them unless I need to wash my others. I love the way they got my 14 month olds legs, and I’ll definitely be using these on my son whose due to arrive in a few weeks! I agree with your review these are great so far! I think I’m also going to order 24 more with no insects since I have tons already!

  • Thank you so much for the review. You’ve definitely made my decision much easier on which diapers to get. I personally like the BumGenius diapers so far (I’m new to the cloth diapering world) but I will definitely be getting some of these as well. More than likely in both sizes! I can’t wait to find out what I’m having June 16th so I can go order some of these. I just hope they don’t change their patterns they have going on right now before then because I love what they have at the moment!!

  • This has helped so much! Thank you. I am expecting our first little one in four months and we are super excited to use cloth diapers. As I compared brands/prices I was wondering how long these last…so thanks for the post! Looking forward to ordering some for our little girl soon!

    • You’re welcome, and congratulations on your upcoming baby! Best wishes for a smooth and healthy delivery!

  • a good review. I used Sunbaby for about 3 months. I bought 12 and after 2 months 3 of them started to show major wear and the rest looked brand new. The 3 that had wear had a hole in the microfleece and/or a loose snap. I ended up switching to a different brand. I really think that the quality varies from diaper to diaper in this brand. I have 2 friends that have a full stash of sunbaby and are on their second kid with them while another friend had the same problem as me with easy wear. I think it comes down to luck of the draw. Sounds like you lucked out 🙂

    • Thanks, Amanda! And thank you for adding your experience to the discussion. As you can see from some other comments, it does seem like there’s some variation. At this point it’s been over 3 years of daily use for me, with not one issue. From my perspective, for the $4 I paid apiece, even if 3 of mine *had* failed I’d still consider it an awesome deal.

  • I as well must thank you for doing this, also a cloth newbie here, I’m due on Halloween..any chance I’ll get some cloth diapers by going trick or treating on my due date? Hahahha wishful thinking. Thank you again so so much, this was so helpful, looking forward to trying these

    • LOL, I would totally dress up as a pregnant mama and go trick or treating if they were handing those out! Congrats on your little one. Best wishes for a smooth and easy delivery!

  • Also if you decide to sell the Apple diaper let me know hahahha I just looked on eBay and can’t find it, such a cute print

  • Wow!! All three of your diaper review are so well written & informative! Have you ever thought of going into sales? I can see you being very successful if you became a sales rep for a quality product you felt was eco-friendly, viable, worth the money, long lasting & well made. After reading the last one (Sunbaby) I’m ready to go to their website & order some. And I don’t even have any babies, not even any grand babies!! But I will pass these reviews on to my niece who is due Dec. 26th (I just know she’s gonna try for Christmas Day!) & see what she thinks…thanks again!

  • Thanks so much for this review. I’m new to cloth diapering and our reasons are economical. I just don’t see the point in investing in diapers if they won’t last a couple years. If I need to rebuy cloth diapers, then I might as well use disposables. It is very hard to find long term reviews of diapers so I’m glad I found this blog. Thanks again!!

  • Our single Sunbaby diaper is now back in rotation. At one point I thought my girl’s thighs were gonna bust that diaper open, she was sooo chunky @ 35lbs. But we started using it again just before she was two. I guess all the climbing, running, swimming, had thinned out her thighs a little. She’s 37 lbs now, but is taller, so I guess she’s thinner in certain spots….
    The diaper is in near perfect condition, but we had a bit of a hiatus in using it.

  • Hi Olivia, I enjoyed your review. I’m looking into trying some cheaper pocket diaper options. I did see that there are 2 sizes, and you recommended size 2 for a bigger baby. I’m not sure if my baby is on the smaller or bigger scale at this point. She is about 16lbs and 6 months. You think size 2 would work for her already?

  • Hi Olivia,
    Ive been doing some research on cloth diapering and so glad i came across your blog. I have a son and daughter while my son used a disposable thats no longer made while my daughter used whatever brand was on sale. And she developed a diaper rash on her bottom till she finally decided to potty train herself by 18 months 🙂 so to my questions we are expecting #3 and #4 (yes twins) in January and would like to get a jump start on my supply. What are your recommendations as to how soon to buy the diapers and how many do you think I should get? And how many of each size? Sunbaby sounds great and the prices are much more affordable than some other sites Ive seen. Thank for your time. Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Sorry, I didn’t see your comment until now. I usually recommend not getting an entire supply of diapers before your baby is born because you don’t know what will work best for you and for your babe before they’re born. However, Sunbaby diapers are economical enough that it’s not a huge investment for most families if you end up not liking them. For a newborn, the standard recommendation is 24 diapers, so double that for twins (congratulations!) As Size 1 diapers are a bit smaller they’ll fit sooner but won’t last as long. Twins are usually on the smaller side, so I would definitely consider Size 1. But be aware these are unlikely to fit right from birth – many mothers use newborn cloth diapers or prefolds with covers the first few weeks until the one size diapers fit better. I still wouldn’t recommend buying all the diapers at once in one brand. If it were me, I would probably buy one dozen with free shipping to try them out. You can always buy more if you end up liking them as much as I do. Good luck and best wishes for a smooth and healthy pregnancy and birth!

  • Olivia,
    Thank you for your review! My daughter is 9 months and I bought 12 Sunbaby diapers from my hairdresser when I was pregnant. As I had never used cloth diapers, once I started, I was hooked! No diaper rash and money saving. I typically don’t put my baby in cloth for naps and at night, but would like to. What do you suggest works best insert wise? I have blended inserts and will do anything to be able to put them on for naps and night. Thank you for your input!

    • You’re welcome! Right off I need to say that I don’t use these diapers for overnights, but my toddler naps in them all the time. For either you just need to add more absorbency. I stuff my Sunbaby diapers with prefold diapers which work really well during the day and naps for my heavy wetter. Add more inserts (double for naps or even triple if you want to try overnight), or you could also try heavy duty 3 ply hemp inserts (hemp is known to be very absorbent).

  • I currently use Sunbaby diapers on our 7 month old twin boys. They each weigh about 14 pounds and are big time tummy sleepers! We are having horrible leaking issues while they are at daycare but not quite as much at home that I notice. I have size 1 diapers and use a charcoal/bamboo insert. Daycare is changing them every 1.5 hours unless they are sleeping. Do you think I am using the wrong size maybe?

    • I doubt it’s the size, but there are so many other possible factors – is the insert absorbing properly, is the lining/insert repelling (like what would happen if you used dryer sheets), does your daycare know to point your sons’ penises downward in the diaper, is the rise adjusted correctly, are the leg holes tight enough, etc. If you’d like more help troubleshooting, I suggest you join one of the cloth diapering groups on Facebook. You can get lots of feedback/suggestions, post a picture of the fit, etc. There are many, but here’s one that I’m active in: Hope that helps!

  • Hi Olivia, my husband and I are expecting a baby boy come March. We really want to cloth diaper and would like to start our stash a little before baby is born so that we won’t have so many costs at that point. Since I’ve heard all sorts of things about the size of babies vs. the fit of the diapers when it comes to new horns, we were considering doing disposables for the first month and then using the cloth diapers from then on out. We really don’t have a ton of money to continually buy diapers that baby will outgrow…if that makes sense. What would you recommend? I’ve been between Alva baby and sun baby when it comes to which and what size to buy I’m lost. I’ve also heard boys wet more, so does that mean getting inserts separate? (Btw I’m a first time mom and completely new to the cloth diapering world) I’ve done tons of research but they all seem to pull separate ways. I appreciate your response, thanks in advance!

    • Congrats Jeime! A new baby is so exciting! Between Alva and Sunbaby, I would definitely recommend Sunbaby. In my experience they’re more consistent in terms of fit and quality, and they last longer. In your situation, I’d buy Size 1 diapers. They’ll fit your baby sooner which will save money that would have been wasted on disposables. If you needed a larger size later on, you could always go back, but my 2-year-old daughter is still wearing her size 1 Sunbabies comfortably. Who knows how big your son will be or when he will potty train?

      Boys don’t wet more, but they do wet differently. Boys tend to wet more in the front and girls tend to wet more in the middle, for obvious reasons. I can’t speak to Sunbaby inserts as I’ve never used them, but in general microfiber is cheaper but doesn’t last as long, and bamboo absorbs a little more. When my babies were first born, instead of disposables I used prefold diapers (about $3 each) and covers. Once my daughters were old enough to fit into my one size diapers, I stuffed my diapers with those same prefolds (super absorbent and saved on buying new inserts).

      Anyway, that’s my two cents. Hope it helps!

  • Hi! Great review, and makes me happy that we chose Sunbabys as part of our stash! My little three week old girl was born at just over 7 pounds, and my stash included Sunbabys, Alvas, a couple of Grovias, and a few others acquired second hand (the Sunbabys however were bought new from the site), to my surprise, the size 1 Sunbabys were and still are, the only ones that fit her from the very beginning, none of the others currently fit her tiny bum, even my newborn sized Alvasand Grovias! She has skinny legs, and the Sunbabys on the smallest setting fit perfectly, although a little bulky. I have ordered another 12 so I don’t have to do laundry as often, and I’m pleased by your review that they should hold up for a while! 🙂

  • Olivia, I currently have a newborn so I wake up every 2 hours to change diapers. What do you recommend when the baby sleeps longer? Do you wake up to change diapers or is there a certain diaper you use that will last the 12 hours (im guessing they sleep that much? Is it less?) thank you!

  • Thanks for this review, was contemplating getting a few since they “run small,” but your comment about waiting until after newborn size helped me think maybe I’ll wait.

  • Thank you for this review! We bought Sunbaby’s for our daughter and I have been wondering if they will hold up the whole time we CD her…glad to hear that they worked well long term for your family! I bought them in Size 1 hoping to use them earlier on and not knowing how big our daughter would be. I should have known better and ordered Size 2! She is 6 months and in size 12-18months already :). I had to order before she was born because we live in a super remote area where I would not even have been able to buy disposables! They are working well for us now but I can see that I will have to size up in a few more months.

  • I’m not a fan of the so called “cheapie” pockets, but Sunbaby is one of few brands I will buy and I have noticed they are very durable.

  • I’m looking into buying Sunbaby diapers for my boy due in March. I really don’t want to waste my money and want them to last and not leak. I was thinking I’d buy the ones that come with one bamboo insert and also use a prefold folded into thirds in the pocket as well. Would the gerber ones work for that? Also what is the very best wash routine? What diaper creams or powders would you use.

  • So, I bought 5 of these recently from a For Sale or Trade site I belong to. Just wondering: Looking back, do you think these are worth it for wear/investment…or should I just cut my losses & sell them new while I still have a chance? This will be my first baby & I want to make sure I can use them at least twice, possibly for three babies.

    • Well, as the review says I paid $4 apiece and they lasted through two babies, so I think it’s safe to say I think they’re worth it!

  • Wow!! That is awesome!! I love hearing that they lasted so long and are also equally amazing in performance!!

  • Hello!

    I am so glad I came across your post. I randomly saw this brand on a moms bidding site on facebook and I won the cloth diapers! my questions are – for them to hold up so well, how did you maintain them? i.e. washing, drying, etc. what kind of laundry soap did you use? It looks like you took care of them so well!

    • Hi Lizie! I don’t find cloth diapers require a lot of special care, and these aren’t any exception. I washed mine on hot in Tide detergent and line dried the shells. I mostly used my indoor line and never noticed much fading even after several years. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • I landed on your site while looking to sell my lot of cloth diapers. My daughter used several different brands but my favorite is sunbaby. She used them exclusively for 2 of her children and a little for the 3rd. She went back to work and had no time to wash diapers. They are still in very good shape. As with yours all elastic and snaps held up just fine. I found the only ones that have a little yellowing was because we used desitin (and you are not supposed to). We line dried them most of the time, but have used the dryer on low on occasion.