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Sar n’dippa Dee Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper Review

You know I love discovering new Canadian WAHMs and diapers, right? Last month I featured Canadian WAHM Sar n’dippa Dee in my Christmas diapers roundup, and now I’m excited to review one of her hybrid fitted diapers for you!

Dee sent me this super cute hybrid with Care Bears woven cotton print on the bum and wings, paired with this pretty rainbow stripe. I love the nostalgia of this print. And even though my kids haven’t seen the Care Bears, Kay can’t resist the adorable bears on her diaper either!

Sar n'dippa Dee hybrid fitted diaper

Anatomy of a Sar n’dippa Dee Hybrid Fitted Diaper

Dee’s hybrid fitted diapers are one size and adjust to fit babies 8-35 pounds using a fold down rise. The outside of this diaper is 100% cotton woven Care Bears print on the bum and wings, paired with a woven cotton rainbow stripe. The inside is plush cotton velour, and there’s a hidden layer of 100% polyester fleece sandwiched in between. The seams are serged, and all the materials are prewashed and preshrunk before being cut to avoid unexpected surprises after going through the washing machine and dryer.

This diaper has two rows of snaps across the front to adjust waist sizing. The longer row on the front has 10 snaps, and the row on the reverse side has 9 snaps (used when the rise is folded down). It comes with three waist snaps on the right wing, and two waist snaps plus two crossover snaps on the left wing. 

Sar n'dippa Dee hybrid fitted outside

Each Sar n’dippa hybrid fitted comes with two three-layer inserts. In this diaper, both three-layer inserts are made with two layers of organic bamboo fleece on the bottom. One insert is topped with a layer of the same pink cotton velour as the inside of the diaper, and the other is topped with a layer of organic bamboo velour in aqua.

Sar n'dippa Dee diaper & inserts

For smaller babies, just fold the front down until it sits at the bellybutton level and do up the snaps. For larger babies, leave the rise up.

Sar n'dippa Dee diaper rise down

The fold down rise allows for a lot of adjustability. Here’s how the smallest size with the rise folded all the way down and crossover snaps done up compares to having the rise up. 

Sar n'dippa Dee size comparison

Diaper Fit and Performance

Just like regular fitted diapers, hybrid fitteds aren’t waterproof. The layer of hidden fleece in the middle helps to repel the liquid back into the diaper, but it’s important to know this diaper does require a waterproof cover or wrap to make it truly waterproof. Many babies can wear hybrid diapers for several hours before the outside gets damp. Kay is a heavy wetter so I used a cover for overnights and naps, but she was able to make it two to three hours during the daytime without wicking through.

The beauty of fitted and hybrid diapers is that the entire diaper is absorbent so they can hold a lot of liquid. Because of this they’re also extra fluffy though, so expect a little extra junk in the trunk with this and other fitted diapers.

Sar n'dippa side view

I love this vintage Care Bears fabric, and Kay loves it too! She’s actually happy to sit still for this diaper change (thanks, Dee!). The multicoloured snaps Dee used here are a really cute touch in keeping with the rainbow theme.

Here’s Kay modeling her Care Bears diaper while attempting to blow up a party balloon. Excuse the crazy hair – it was one heck of a party!

Sar n'dippa Dee diaper on the stairs

At 29 months and 29 pounds, Kay wears this diaper with the rise up all the way, but there’s plenty of room left, even if it takes her a while before potty training. The gentle elastics around the legs and on the back keep wetness in without red marks. We’ve tested this diaper during the day, at nap time (with a cover on), and overnight (again with a cover) with no leaks or concerns.

Nobody’s Perfect

The single row of snaps on the wings means that the wings curl in on the bottom edges. It’s purely a cosmetic issue and doesn’t affect the function, but I do wish the wings stayed flatter. I also noticed a slight bit of fading to the brightly coloured cotton outside after 5 or 6 times through the washer and dryer. This isn’t anything to do with the workmanship of course, but rather the nature of the fabric. Unlike PUL, cotton and flannel just don’t keep their bright colour over time.

Final Thoughts

This hybrid fitted diaper from Sar n’dippa Dee’s is a beautiful thing. I love the attention Dee has paid to details like coordinating the fabrics and snaps. And because I don’t have to put a cover on it, I love showing off the super cute Care Bears print. The price is very comparable to other hybrid fitted diapers. 

My favourite thing about hybrid fitteds is how well they work to allow more airflow to baby’s bum – especially when baby has a rash. I wouldn’t take a chance without a cover when going out or overnight, but as long as you keep an eye on it and change when it just starts to feel damp, it should be fine during the day. This diaper works really well at night with a cover. I will say I’m still not that used to the fold down rise, but it’s a moot point as Kay isn’t using it anyway.


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You can browse and buy hybrid fitted diapers, cloth wipes, and mama cloth in Sar n’dippa Dee’s Etsy shop or on Facebook. Custom orders (including send your own fabric) are welcome! One size hybrid fitted diapers start at $25.

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