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Les Produits de MaYa’s Multipurpose Moisturizing Cleansing Milk

I’m just over a month into diapering a newborn for the first time, and I’ve noticed several significant differences, the battle against wetness being the biggest. What with their liquid diet and all, newborns pee A LOT. No matter how frequently I change her, it seems that Riley’s bum is always some degree of wet and clammy—something I didn’t experience with Brooks since he was in disposables for the first five months. I knew I wanted to cloth diaper right from the start with Riley, so it was important for me to up my game in protecting those tiny little buns.

There’s a well-kept secret formula that has helped French baby bottoms stay protected and rash-free for decades, and it’s called oleo-calcareous liniment. Marie and Yannick are the parents behind Les Produits de MaYa, a Canadian company dedicated to spreading the word about this all-natural and affordable oleo-calcareous cleansing milk. The olive oil base soothes sensitive skin while the limewater solution cleanses and balances pH.

Les produits de MaYa makes oleo-calcareous liniment for the whole family. The olive oil base soothes sensitive skin while the limewater solution cleanses and balances pH.

For Baby

Though this liniment has tons of baby care applications, it’s most known for being an excellent cloth wipe solution. It is cloth diaper safe, and the oil leaves a layer of protection on baby’s skin to shield against irritation between changes.

Les produits de MaYa's oleo-calcareous liniment is best known as an excellent cloth wipe solution. It's cloth diaper safe, and the oil leaves a layer of protection on baby’s skin to shield against irritation between changes.

We’ve been using it at every diaper change, and I love the wetness barrier it creates. They include a pump with the large bottles, so it’s really convenient to keep within easy reach on your changing table. We do more diaper changes around the house than in the nursery for the time being, so we like to keep ours in the diaper caddy.

The smaller size bottles they offer are great for the diaper bag.

The smaller bottles of cleansing milk are perfect for diapering on the go.

After a month of use, Riley is still completely rash-free. We’ve had a bit of redness after some of her longer stretches of sleep, but it always disappears by the next diaper change without having to apply anything else in addition to the cleansing milk.

As for their claim to being safe for cloth diapers, it has definitely held up. I’ve been using a very simple wash routine with no boosters, and her prefolds and fitteds are perfectly clean with no buildup or absorbency issues whatsoever.

We’ve also been using it as a massage lotion for Riley after her bath time. It keeps her skin nice and moisturized, and I like knowing that it doesn’t have a huge list of ingredients and fragrances like most baby lotions. It can also be used on cradle cap and other newborn skin rashes, but thankfully we didn’t experience any of these with her.

For Me

Les Produits de MaYa’s oleo-calcareous liniment has lots of uses for us parents too, and I was excited to see among them that it helps new moms with scarring—both from stretch marks and perineal damage during labor.

I don’t have much to report on the perineal scarring since I only required one stitch this time, but I would have loved to have had this after my first birth. I have, however, been applying the cleansing milk once or twice a day to my abdomen, and though the stretch marks are still very visible, my scars definitely feel softer. Let’s hope they fade just as much as they did after my first pregnancy.

For My Home

I had great intentions of conditioning my leather boots for you all to see, but let’s be honest, it’s a good day if I get real clothes put on before 1:00 PM. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’ll get around to it one of these days, along with using it to polish and waterproof my wood furniture.

A little of this cleansing milk goes a long way. Even after using it for every single diaper change and as a daily massage lotion, we’re still working on the same large bottle.

In addition to the original formula, Les Produits de MaYa offers three other varieties, one with coconut oil, another with shea butter, and one with a combination of the two. The coconut oil and shea butter are vitamin rich and give a little extra help to dry skin, but the added ingredients don’t seem to change the consistency or scent at all. My family doesn’t suffer from skin allergies, but I appreciate that they’ve really tried to cater to even the most allergy-prone skin by offering four different options to choose from.

If you’re passionate about using natural products in your home like I am—especially now that I have kids—then check out this awesome multipurpose liniment. This well-kept French secret is out!


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