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Healthy Snack Idea: Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps

Being a mom is by definition a busy job, but around here, mornings are the busiest time of all. In the rush to get everybody dressed, fed, and ready to go out the door, lunches and snacks tend to get left to the last minute. Back in September I was motivated to make fancy lunches every day, but it’s May now, and honestly it can be a struggle to keep lunches interesting for my girls. If Kay had her way, she’d put candy in there every day, but I don’t think so! I do understand why she’d get bored with the same old thing though, so I’m always on the lookout for new and healthy snack ideas.

When it comes to snacks, allergies are also an issue. Like many schools, Kay’s preschool is nut-free due to a classmate with an anaphylactic allergy, so we’re very careful about what kind of treats we send. We recently discovered freeze dried Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps, and we’re already big fans of this tasty and versatile treat! Naturally gluten-free, soy-free, and packaged in a peanut-free facility, Fruit Crisps are allergen-free and classroom-approved. And since they don’t need any prep, they’re a morning rush time saver for me too!

If you’ve never had freeze dried food before, think astronaut food! Freeze dried food was popularized in space programs because it’s super light and keeps for years without refrigeration. To make these delicious Fruit Crisps, the fruit is peeled, sliced, and flash frozen, and then dehydrated under pressure until over 95% of the water is removed. This process leaves behind virtually all the vitamins, nutrients, and flavour. Since microorganisms can’t grow without water, the freeze dried fruit doesn’t need preservatives to keep it from spoiling.

Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps are 100% real freeze dried fruit with no added sugar or preservatives. They contain all the nutrition of fresh fruit, but in a convenient mess-free pouch printed with fun Disney characters that my kids love! Each pouch contains 2 servings of fruit, and they come in 3 very tasty varieties: strawberry/banana, pear, and apple.

Unlike dehydrated fruit, freeze dried fruit has the flavour of fresh with a light crispy texture that almost melts in your mouth. The texture makes these ideal for toddlers and preschoolers, but don’t let that stop you from snacking on these too. The whole family thinks these are yummy! Kay’s favourite is the Fuji apple, and I confess to being partial to the strawberries.

Fruit Crisps aren’t just for school snacks though. I don’t know about you, but my kids are constantly harassing me for food (unless it’s dinnertime when they decide that eating is the worst thing ever), so I always have snacks in my big mom purse. Sure, granola bars are convenient, but they have way too much sugar for me to feel comfortable feeding them to my kids on the regular. In comparison, Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps are just fruit with no sugar added. When your ingredient list is one item long, you know you’ve got a winner!

Kay likes taking a pouch with her to the park. Fruit Crisps mean no messy, sticky hands which is a blessing when we don’t have access to soap and water.

We’re big fans of Fruit Crisps! They’re the ultimate in convenience when we’re out and about, and I don’t even mind the kids eating these in the car. They’re a healthy choice for self-feeding babies, toddlers on the go, preschool or daycare, and hungry moms too!

Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps are available at your local supermarket and online at Amazon. For more information visit Brothers All Natural or connect on Facebook.

Other Ways to Eat Fruit Crisps

You can totally eat them out of the bag, but there are lots of other ways to eat ’em too! Here are a few of the ways we’ve enjoyed our freeze dried Fruit Crisps.

  • Add a handful on top of your morning yogurt or cereal for natural sweetness and fruit flavour. I like the strawberry/banana Fruit Crisps best for this.
  • Try these as a mix in with your oatmeal. I highly recommend crumbling a few slices of Fuji apple and stirring them up with milk and a dash of cinnamon.
  • Add Fruit Crisps to your trail mix recipe. I think this will be perfect when we go camping this summer.
  • In a pinch, freeze dried fruit can substitute for fresh fruit in baked goods like pancakes or muffins, desserts, sauces, etc. Grab these tips for substituting freeze dried fruit for fresh.

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  • I have tried freeze dried fruit before – raspberry, banana and strawberry. My daughter and I would love to try the apple and the strawberry and banana.

  • I do try and look for healthy snacks, but I also look for snacks that are reasonable and not too pricey. Thank you.

  • Of course I know that I should say that nutrition is the number one concern but if it doesn’t taste good, I know that I will be carrying a treat with only one bite.

    So flavor and nutrition are both equally important to me.

  • One of my kiddos has PKU. It is really hard to find low protein, easy to pack snacks for him. We have used these as that. Its nice to have a pre-measured snack I can just toss in a bag. Especially one that doesn’t need utensils to eat and doesn’t make a mess.

  • The qualities/ingredients that are most important to me when buying snacks for our little guy are the sugar, fat, & artificial ingredient contents. Our look for high quality, all natural, healthy snacks.

  • I try to find snacks with little or no sugar but my kids get tired of veggies and fruit everyday. This is a nice twist on it though.

  • I no longer have to think about this since my 7 are all adults, however I love dried fruits myself and since they are healthy I do buy them to enjoy during the evenings.

  • The quality that is most important to me is that my child’s snack must be nutritional and have minimal sugar content.

  • My son is super hyper so we try to find sugar free and natural ingredients for snacks. Fruit or nuts is always our first option if possible.

  • We always try to find snacks that are healthy, not very modified with added stuff like sugark organic is a bonus too

  • Actually for my youngest daughter I have to find snacks that do not contain whey or whey protein. She can have dairy just whey as a separate ingredient.

  • My little guy would LOVE the sliced pears! those are his favorite and would be perfect for when we are on the go 🙂 We look for natural ingredients and no artificial coloring or preservatives when picking out snacks in this house!

  • Love the freeze dried fruits! My toddler will eat a full bag in one sitting. I love this option because I know it’s healthy and has no sugar and salt. I usually go for snacks that are low in there 2 ingredients and that are either not processed or as little as possible with ingredients I know. You just know they’ll be exposed to sugar everywhere so I just try and make the best choices I can! 🙂

  • It would be great to
    win a box of Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps
    and a $50 Mastercard Gift Card.
    In response to your question of
    What qualities/ingredients are most important to you
    when you’re buying snacks for your child?
    I don’t have any children but i think it’s important
    that children have healthy snacks.
    A snack shouldn’t be too sweet or salty.
    Popcorn and Granola Bars are great snacks.
    Thank you for having this contest.

  • I try to look for healthy snacks that are easy to eat. Fruit and raw veggies, and healthy snack crackers. Flavour is important, and easy to open packaging.

  • I like to find products that are as close to natural as I can because healthy snacks with no artificial flavors, colors or sugar are much better for overall health.

  • I look for a limited number of ingredients, hopefully all natural ones, few to no additives and proper portion size low-fat and low in calories.

  • We try and make sure there’s no added sugar and that it’s relatively low calorie. Sometimes we choose dried fruits & nuts to snack on. We’ve been known to blend frozen fruit & low calorie fruit juice to freeze for homemade popsicles.

  • I would definitely say something healthy and delicious that doesn’t actually taste healthy.

  • Less sugar, sodium and natural products are what I look for when I pick our snacks for my daughters

  • Always looking for all natural, low sugar snacks. Dried fruit is definitely something that would be enjoyed here.

  • I look for snack with no added sugar and salt for my granddaughters. I buy lot of fruit and vegetable for their snack. They would love these!

  • When I’m buying snacks for my son I look for snacks that are free of preservatives and refined sugars.

  • When choosing snacks I strongly prefer very simple ingredients. I am not afraid of a few of the preservatives added to whole foods, but I do not like long lists of ingredients I can’t identify.

  • I’m worried about the salt and sugar content of snacks I give my kids. I also look for whole grains and fibre content.

  • When buying snacks for my children, I would like the ingredients to be Organic, Non-GMO,dye free, and sugar free. I also will not purchase snacks with artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners.

  • Quite honestly I never paid attention as we rarely bought prepackaged stuff back when the kids were smaller. My daughter is crazy for veggies and fruits and actually quit eating meat for 2 years. My son was more of a meat eater then anything.

  • I try and find the most natural foods to give my son. It doesn’t always happen (because, let’s be realistic!), but I try to make sure most of the food he eats is natural.

  • I look for ways to change up the regular snacks my kids have. I look for “healthy” as close to the original state as possible for fruits and veggies. Great vibrant colour and texture are important as well.

  • Honestly – the most important thing to me is that he eats it. He’s going through a picky phase right now!

  • I look for ingredients that are lower in sugar, and more natural. I don’t like artificial dyes or colours.

  • When I made lunches for my children, I wanted it to be healthy. I usually made each one a sandwich or two with protein in the middle, fruits and milk, Sometimes, I would add a favorite cookie. The protein would be one of their favorites as well as the fruit. They ate their lunches as far as I know and they were rarely sick.

  • The most important aspect of any product (that is pre-processed in any capacity) is the list of ingredients; I like to see natural products and ingredients I recognize and absolutely no fructose (or any of its various names and variants like agave, glucose, beet sugar, molasses, cane sugar, etc.). I don’t mind naturally occurring sugars (like in whole fruits), but I do not like to see added sugars.

  • I look for snacks that are going to be sugar free and that are safe for everyone, mainly meaning nut free

  • I read the nutritional labels to see how much sugar there is as well as how many daily vitamins they are getting. While I want my kids to enjoy their snacks and hope they taste great, I also want them to be nutritious.

  • I try to find healthy snacks that travel well. My oldest son loves to eat fruit at home, not so much at school. I think it’s because they get mushy/ Dried fruit would be perfect since he loves raisins.

  • My son has a number of allergies so priority goes for snacks excluding those (eggs, peanuts, and dairy), then to excluding too much sugar and preservatives. I have tried these before and love them!

  • I look for snacks that are lower in sugar (unless natural sugars from fruits, etc) and without a ton of added chemicals

  • I guess something that is good for them that they will eat ! My kids are fussy .. so if they will not eat it , it does not matter how good it is for them !

  • I am most concerned about organic ingredients and the use of natural sugars vs. processed sugars in foods for my children.

  • I try to find snacks that are lower in sodium & sugars, and higher in fiber. For snacks like cheese & crackers I always look for cheeses with a very low milk fat % which is what our dietitian recommended. Some of the creamier cheeses are really high.

  • Finding healthy – not boring – snacks to pack in lunches is always a challenge. I constantly scan the nutritional value charts to ensure that processed snacks are not high in sugar or salt. I love that the Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps are so versatile!

  • Low in sugar, as natural as possible (e.g. no artificial dyes etc), and preferably locally made (or at least somewhere in North America instead of overseas).

  • (I just had my computer freeze so this might be a duplicate comment and apologize if it is.)

    When I purchase snacks, I consider the company’s reputation, taste, no additives, nutritional value and whether or not they get eaten.

  • My top 4 things to watch for
    1) nut free – we arent allergic but most spaces we play require snacks be nut free.
    2) dairy free – we are all allergic to dairy
    3) no added sugar, colouring or sugar substitutes
    4) healthy and yummy.