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Make a Healthier Switch to Juice with 60% Less Sugar

We don't always drink juice, but when we do, Oasis​ HydraFruit juices have 60% less sugar than regular fruit juice blends! They don't contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners, and they make great ice pops too!

This post was written in partnership with Oasis Canada.

New year, new me, right? We-e-elll…I’m a work in progress, you know?

I know how important it is to get regular exercise, sleep more, keep hydrated, eat whole, unprocessed foods, and cutting sugar and sodium. I know you do too. But all that’s easier said than done of course.

Look, we all know sugar isn’t good for us and that we should be making changes to reduce our sugar intake. Some changes are hard to make, like quitting ice cream or only buying one box of Kay’s Girl Guide cookies. Fortunately, other changes are easier!

I know I should drink more water, but honestly it can get boring sometimes. At dinner time, water is our usual beverage of choice, but for lunch and snack time, sometimes we like a little bit of variety. Oasis HydraFruit beverages are a pretty good option as far as I’m concerned. These juice blends mix organic juice with filtered water for a juice that tastes much better than plain water with 60% less sugar than regular fruit juice.

HydraFruit beverages come in five delicious varieties – Fruit Fusion, Watermelon Apple, Lemon Iced Tea, Strawberry Kiwi, and Clementine – all without preservatives, added sugar, or artificial sweeteners. They’re certified organic and contain 60% less sugar than regular fruit juice blends, but still provide 100% recommended Vitamin C intake in one 250 ml serving. With 50 calories or less per serving, that’s a winning combo in my house!

But how do they taste?

Really good! HydraFruit beverages have lots of fruit flavour and don’t taste too watery at all. My favourite is the lemon iced tea (made with naturally caffeine-free rooibos tea so the kids can enjoy it too). Tee’s fave is the watermelon apple juice, and Kay wants you to know that strawberry kiwi is her favourite.

You know what else HydraFruit beverages are great for? Making ice pops!

Just pour into an ice pop mold and freeze. This super simple dessert idea has way less sugar than store-bought ice pops and a good portion of your day’s recommended Vitamin C. You could even add some chunks of real fruit for a little extra flair. You’re welcome!

HydraFruit beverages come in two sizes – 960 ml cartons and 200 ml juice boxes – and they’re processed and packaged entirely in Canada.

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