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Greenchild Creations Flannel and Bamboo Velour Fitted Diapers Review

I’m just going to say it – cloth diapering can be a pain sometimes. Figuring out the perfect solution for your child’s body type and bathroom habits can be a huge puzzle, especially if they have sensitive skin, are a heavy wetter, or don’t fit the standard sizes offered by many cloth diaper manufacturers.

In an effort to solve these riddles, Anne, the work at home mom behind Greenchild Creations, designed a unique fitted diaper that is infinitely adjustable to fit any size baby.

GCC Flannel Fitted

See the super long panel? It folds in on itself to create the perfect fit for each child, and the folded fabric then acts as a doubler for extra absorption. Greenchild Creations offers this fitted diaper in two different styles, flannel and bamboo velour. I got to try both, and they’re quite a bit different than a regular fitted diaper, so I want to share how they work.

How to fold a GCC diaper

Step 1: Stretch the diaper out flat. This is best done while baby lays on it so you can get an accurate fit.

Step 2: Pull the long panel up to baby’s tummy to see where the fabric needs to be folded down in on itself, and fold down into place.

Step 3: Pull the folded panel up over your baby like a normal diaper and secure the flaps across the front. The flannel fitted diapers need pins or another fastener like Snappis or Boingos.

Step 4: Remember, fitted diapers need a cover!

Anatomy of Greenchild Creations Fitted Diapers

Anne’s flannel fitted diapers come in dozens of prints. I chose this one in the bunny rabbit and carrots fabric. So cute for Easter, right? All fabrics are washed and dried before sewing, and don’t require additional prepping before your first use.

Stretched out to its full length, the flannel fitteds are about 20” long, and the panel is 7 1/4” wide. These diapers also come with a pocket to stuff for even more absorption, and the pocket on the fitted diaper measures about 12” long.

GCC Flannel length, width, and pocket

The squishy bamboo velour fitteds currently come in 13 different colors. I liked this one in aqua. They work similarly to the flannel fitteds, but Greenchild Creations recommends using either aplix or snaps to extend the life of the diaper. I chose aplix, and there’s a system to changing the rise.

For the smallest setting, you snap the top two rows together so that they don’t rub against the baby’s skin when the panel is folded in. The detachable aplix strip is then snapped on the bottom two rows. For the medium setting, remove the aplix strip, turn it 180°, and attach it to the top two rows. Snap the bottom two rows together. For the third setting, simply unsnap the bottom two rows. As you can see, there is about a 1/2” difference between each setting.

GCC velour rise

Stretched out, the velour diaper is 21” long, and the panel is 7 1/4” wide. When I extended the elastic, the pocket for this one was about 13” long.

GCC Bamboo length, width, and pocket

Diaper Fit & Performance

Riley just had weight check, and she’s now 10 lbs 2.5 oz. Exactly in the 50th percentile for her age. So I can safely say that for the average newborn, this is a lot of fabric. We were able to use the flannel fitted under her jammies at night, but it doesn’t fit under her pants. A newborn cover will not work, but we had success with a basic one size cover on a small setting. She’ll have to wait on the bamboo velour diaper as the more absorbent material adds quite a bit more bulk.

GCC Riley collage

One note about your closure options on the flannel fitteds: if you use Snappis or Boingos, make sure those little prongs are really secure in the fabric so they don’t come loose. Anne will also provide diaper pins upon request if you prefer the good ol’ fashioned approach.

GCC diaper and pins

The flannel works really well for Brooks, and he’s in between rise settings for many other diapers right now, so it’s nice to have such a custom fit with these Greenchild Creations fitted diapers.

GCC Brooks Flannel collage

He’s a slender little guy, and the bamboo velour was pretty bulky on him as well. It was a stretch to get our covers to fit over it on their largest setting, and we definitely don’t have room to add any inserts to the pocket with this one. Bamboo, however, is very absorbent, so we haven’t needed anything extra, even for overnight.

GCC Brooks Bamboo collage

As for washing, expect the flannel to have a normal amount of pilling and fading. There are no laundry tabs on the bamboo velour diapers, but you can just stick the aplix to itself before washing. Bamboo takes a long time to dry, so I usually keep it in for another half a dryer cycle after I take everything else out.

Final Thoughts

I would definitely recommend these diapers for larger babies and parents who are trying to find a good overnight solution for heavy wetting, particularly the bamboo. Just make sure you have really generous covers to go over them.

I probably won’t be using them much on Riley until she’s out of the newborn phase, but they’re excellent for toddlers. Brooks turns two this week, and thanks to their unique style of adjustment, we still have tons of room left in these diapers.


Head over to the Greenchild Creations Etsy shop to take a look at the adorable flannel ($14.00 or $19.00) and velour fitted diapers ($19.50) available. Connect with Greenchild Creations on Facebook.

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SamanthaSamantha Levang is a contributor at This West Coast Mommy, specializing in cloth diaper and baby item reviews. She lives in Washington state with her husband, toddler son, Brooks, and new baby girl, Riley. Between diaper changes and loads of laundry, she enjoys landscape photography and the never-ending process of home decorating.

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