February Baby Names

Good thing February is the shortest month of the year! The holidays are long gone, all the festive lights are down, and everything is cold and dreary. But the promise of a new baby makes everything warm and bright!

Choosing a name for your baby is exciting, but stressful. You want to find the perfect name for your precious bundle – one that will grow with them from childhood to old age, a name they’ll be proud to wear. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your baby due in February, here are 40 baby name ideas inspired by Valentine’s Day and the new love you’re welcoming into the family.

February Baby Names for Girls

Aiko means loved child (Japanese).

Aimee/Amy means beloved (French).

Amadora means gift of love (Italian).

Amata/Ama means lover or beloved one (Latin).

Amethyst is February’s precious birthstone. This pretty purple gem was once thought to ward of drunkenness.

Amora means love (Spanish).

Aroa/Aroha means love (Maori).

Caris/Carys means love (Welsh).

Cinta means love (Indonesian).

Davina means love (Hebrew).


Ife means love (Yoruba).

Iris is February’s birth flower in the English classification system. This beautiful and stately flower is named after the Greek word for “rainbow,” making it an especially fitting name for a rainbow baby due this month.

Kalila means beloved (Arabic).

Kama means love (Hindi).

Kerensa means love (Cornish).

Minna means love (German).

Morna means beloved (Irish).

Nayela/Nayeli means “I love you” (Zapotec).

Primrose is another flower associated with February in the UK. Primroses have multiple meanings, but the most appropriate is, “I can’t live without you.”

Violet is also considered February’s birth flower in the USA. White violets mean innocence, and purple violets symbolize that your thoughts are occupied with love. Perfect for a February baby!

February Baby Names for Boys

Amado means loved (Spanish).

Amias means loved (Latin).

Caradoc means beloved (Welsh).

Carwyn means blessed love (Welsh).

Connelly means love and friendship (Irish).

Corwin means heart’s friend (English).

Darrell means beloved (French).

David means beloved (Hebrew).

Davon/Davonte is an alternate form of David meaning love (Hebrew).

Dawson is another variation on David meaning love.


Draven/Dravin means defender of love (possibly Old English).

Erasmus means beloved (Greek).

Kayleon mean lovable (Hebrew).

Lennan means sweetheart (Irish).

Lev/Liev means heart (Hebrew).

Lowell means dearly loved (English).

Madan means love (Hindi).

Rasmus is an alternate form of Erasmus meaning love (Dutch).

Ramey means loving (Arabic).

Sajan means beloved (Hindi).

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