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Chuck E. Cheese’s Is Still Doing Birthdays Right

Late last year, Tee received a mysterious birthday invitation from one of the kids in her class. “Who’s Chuck, Mommy? Robert invited me to Chuck’s house for his birthday.”

“Let me see that… Oh, it’s Chuck E. Cheese, sweetie.”

“Who’s Chuck E. Cheese?”

What?! Clearly I’ve let you down, kid. Back in my day (like way, way back), Chuck E. Cheese’s was the place to be. A birthday party with Chuck E. Cheese was the event of the school year! Clearly Tee agreed, because after Robert’s party there was only one place she wanted to go for her own birthday!

For this busy mom who’s always trying to do a little more than she actually has time for, booking Tee’s birthday at our local Chuck E. Cheese’s in Langley was a dream come true. From the invitations to the food, entertainment, clean up, and even the goodie bags, everything was taken care of. Yeah, baby!

Our party host, Jaz, met us at the door and led us over to our tables. She gave me a quick rundown of the party schedule and helped keep us on track all afternoon.

Chuck E. Cheese’s has a great variety of games and activities designed for a wide range of ages and skill levels. From toddler train rides to fun photo apps, arcade favourites to games of physical skill, even a small tube system and slide. There’s something here for every kid. All our guests had a great time, and some of the parents too!

When I was a kid, Whack-a-Mole was one of my favourite games at Chuck E. Cheese’s. It’s still here, only this time you’re whacking acorns in Ice Age style!

Just like when we were children, kids still earn tickets from each game that they can save and redeem for cool prizes. Prices start at 15 tickets for a sticker, candy, or jelly bracelet, but I noticed the staff were pretty flexible so every kid was able to get something.

After some play time, we all regrouped for pizza and Dippin’ Dots ice cream. I have to admit I assumed the pizza would be your typical frozen and reheated stuff, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza is made fresh in store and pretty darn tasty. You can even get stuffed crust!

For kids with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, Chuck E. Cheese’s also offers gluten-free cheese pizza. Their gluten-free pizza is made off site and brought in with its own pizza cutter all sealed up to avoid cross-contamination.

The only thing you need to bring is the birthday cake or cupcakes (they even provided the candles). Chuck E. Cheese led everyone in a rousing version of “Happy Birthday”, and Tee blew out the candle on her Pikachu cupcake!

And then we had a personal visit and photo op with the Big Cheese himself!

After cupcakes, we did the pinata thing and stuck Tee and her little sister in the Ticket Blaster booth for 30 seconds while their friends cheered them on.

Each of our guests got to take home goodie bags too. Talk about a time saver! Here’s what came in each bag (except for the mini Twizzlers which I ate before I took the picture – sorrynotsorry).

Tee’s birthday party was everything we wanted: fun with her friends for Tee, and a full-serve, no fuss day for me!

Sensory Sensitive Sundays

For families with children with autism, sensory disorders, or other special needs, Chuck E. Cheese’s hosts Sensory Sensitive Sunday on the first Sunday of each month from 9:00 am-11:00 am. Participating locations open earlier and feature reduced lighting and noise, fewer people, no costumed characters, and a safe and understanding environment. Kids with sensory issues often have allergies or other food-related issues as well, so parents will also be able to bring in outside food these mornings.

My local Chuck E. Cheese’s in Langley, BC will offer this special program starting April 2nd, and yours may too! Call to confirm availability.

Book Your Birthday Party

Every Chuck E. Cheese’s party is two hours long and includes a party host and decorated table, play tokens for the kids, 2 slices of pizza and drinks, an appearance by Chuck E. Cheese himself, and a trip inside the Ticket Blaster for the birthday child. Depending on the party package, additional fun can be added like Dippin’ Dots ice cream, star Collectible Cups, a pinata, and goodie bags.

You can phone your local Chuck E. Cheese’s store to schedule your party, but the easiest way is to book online (you even get bonus tokens when you do). Prices vary from $18.99-$30.99 CAD per child ($14.99-$24.99 in the US).

Disclosure: I received a complimentary party package for the purpose of facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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  • I have never been to Chucky Cheese! even as a kid my parents never took me there so I definitely cannot wait to take my girls there one day. Looks like an absolutely blast. And it is so great to know they have scensory Sundays! My oldest is autistic. I dont know how she would have been with the costumed characters…I think she wouldn’t mind that but definitely loads of people, noise and lighting would be an issue so it is great they offer that 🙂

  • Oooh so funny!! My kid would say the same about Chucky lol!! He has no idea who he is!! #slackermom But I honestly had no idea they still did such fun parties!! I remember my brother having one there in the early 90’s! I am loving that they do sensory Sundays!! How fabulous!

  • Wow, I didn’t know they offered gluten free pizza and special times for children with sensory issues! That is great!