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Bummis Swimmi One-Size Reusable Swim Diaper Review

Summer is almost upon us! For my family that means seeking out water to stay cool on these ever increasingly hot days. Luckily, there’s no shortage of lakes, rivers, and beaches in my northwest neck of the woods. But with an adventurous toddler, I prefer the safety and fun of spray parks and splash pads these days. We’re lucky enough to have one less than 10 minutes away in our city plaza, so when Bummis sent us the new one-size Swimmi, an adjustable and reusable swim diaper, I knew a visit was in our near future.

Bummis Swimmi One-Size Reusable Swim Diaper Review

Bummis Swimmi One-Size Reusable Swim Diaper Review

It was the perfect kickoff to a summer full of water fun, and, biased though I may be, he was definitely the cutest kid there in his Starfish Swimmi one-size.

Anatomy of a One-Size Swimmi

This swim diaper has four rise settings and three waist and hip snaps on either side. The snaps on the new Bummis diapers are definitely worth mention. They’re sturdy, easy to fasten, and look like they’ll hold up to regular use for many years. The Swimmi has double gussets to prevent leaks—very important in public swim areas!—and the leg and back elastic is really strong. The fabric inside is soft and breathable, and their laminated lycra is a unique fabric that resists fading.

Bummis Swimmi One-Size Reusable Swim Diaper Review

Bummis Swimmi One-Size Reusable Swim Diaper Review

Fit and Performance

The splash park technically wasn’t this diaper’s maiden voyage. We tried it out at home first in our kiddie pool, but there was a lot of sagging fabric in the back. I sent Olivia some pictures and asked, “What am I doing wrong here?!” She let me know that swim diapers should fit pretty snug, almost like a pair of underwear. My mistake was adjusting the size to fit like a regular diaper cover which makes room for a prefold or soaker. I reset it all the way to the smallest rise for Brooks, and that was perfect for him.

Bummis Swimmi One-Size Reusable Swim Diaper Review

The Swimmi one-size claims to fit babies 10 to 35 pounds, but every kid is different. Brooks is 23 pounds right now, and after trying this diaper, I think it would be a more ideal fit for babies in a higher weight percentile so their legs and torso fill things out better. Brooks is on the slender side, so I’m not sure how well the Swimmi would have worked for him last summer, even though he was still within the recommended weight range.

Bummis Swimmi One-Size Reusable Swim Diaper Review

As for performance, it worked exactly the way a good swim diaper should. Just like a disposable swim diaper, they are not designed to absorb pee but simply to catch solids. And with the strong elastics and double leg gussets, I definitely trust the Swimmi to keep community water sources clean.

Final Thoughts

Brooks threw a classic toddler tantrum when we had to leave the spray park. I consider that a compliment to the fun we had, so it looks like we’ll be going back again soon. Our Swimmi will get tons of use this summer, and the quality and flexibility in sizing means it should work for our family all the way through potty training. Brooks didn’t dirty his while playing, but I’d recommend getting a couple of them for each child so you have a clean one to put on if they do go potty.

The Swimmi one-size is $26 from my local retailer. That beats buying expensive packs of disposable swim diapers that just go in the trash after an hour or two of playing, and, because Bummis manufactures all their diapers in Canada from fabrics sourced in North America, you know that everyone who played a part in the fabrication of each product was paid a fair wage. You’re getting a fantastic diaper and supporting a strong local textile industry.


Bummis Swimmi diapers and the rest of their made in Canada baby products are also available at Lagoon Baby in Canada or Diaper Junction in the US.

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  • Thanks for this. With my son on the way, we have friends who sent us the brand they swear by and my wife got some basic newborn alvas but it’s to know you have to go with what brand fits your kid best and so good to get a couple of each. Love this and would love to have this for our beach trip in September.

  • This print is really cute! It’s definitely a bit different fitting a swim than a regular diaper, so thanks for the tips!

  • Thank you for your review. My first LO will be here in about a week so I have not started my research on a swim diaper yet. So any info I get is a great base for my future research!

  • I love that this diaper doesn’t have a netting type inside but is smooth! Makes it easy to clean. Also the double guessed legs make it feel more secure when worrying about holding in any “bombs”. The multiple sizing is a must so we can use as they grow! Sounds like a winner!

  • Love love love the swim diaper pattern! Wow what fun we will have in this cool design at the lakes!?

  • Yes! A swim diaper for my chunky kids! Hopefully I remember this for ds next year so I can get one. Id try one for dd, but she’s 36 lbs so probably wouldn’t work. 🙁 she’s only 2! 🙁 I love that this won’t fade too, so there’s no worn out looks.

  • I love the double gussets and the facture that it is adjustable in size. It actually fit realy well on my 2 month old 12 lbs baby, and still fits him perfectly at 21lbs, 11 months.

  • I love this print and i think this diaper would be a a great fit. reusable swim diapers are so great

  • Now that summer is here I’ve been on the look out for a swim diaper for my LO. Thank you for the review. I love the cute pattern and that it has double gussets on the legs!

  • I had gotten a $10 swim diaper from Target, but it was most definitely not one size fits all. I love that these are only$26 and will grow with the child, rather than me having to keep buying them.

  • Great review! This swim diaper is adorable! Thanks for being honest, too! My little guy is long and slender. Now I know theseveral probably won’t fit him too well until next summer(he’s only 9 months old now)! They look much more constable than our current reusable swim diaper, especially in the leg hole design! Might just have to get one for next year!

  • Love that it is one size and we love using reusable swim diapers. Your prints are awesome and we hope to win !

  • I absolutely love this print! Too cute for summer! ?

    Thanks so much for this review. We took my 4 month old to the beach and all his swim diapers just didn’t fit to well, I’m hoping to try these and see if it works better- he’s a chunk! I love how it’s made in North America, so worrying about unfair wages and Inhumane work conditions isn’t a worry!

  • Thank you for the review, this would be perfect for beach trips with my parents this summer when we visit them. Could a trifold be inserted for when not in the water?

    • I wouldn’t try to use it as a regular diaper cover. Swim diapers are designed to allow urine to pass through, so that would cause leaking issues.

  • I love that this swim diaper is one size! I bought a sized swim diaper last year and I’m not sure it will take us through the summer months. I would love to have this OS option as a back-up.

  • Thank you for your review,these sound really nice and i would love to try them afterall i think reusable swim diapers would be great less waste

  • Thank you for a great review. I really appreciate the tips on adjusting the fit of a swim diaper. This print is adorable and the fact that it is made in Canada is awesome!

  • I absolutely love that my child’s bum won’t get that soggy bulk from swim diapers, nor will it fall apart if it gets too wet.

  • Thank you for another great review! I think what I like the most about this swim diaper is the materials it is made from. The fact that it is soft inside and is made of a laminated Lycra that resists fading is simply amazing!

  • I love that it is one-size. There are so many out there that are sized. It makes it kind of difficult. And I never would have thought about sizing being different from a cover because of the inserts!! Thanks for the tip! I would love to give this a try!

  • The print is so adorable on the diaper! 🙂 I love it… It looks like a good fit – sort of hard to imagine it working for such a wide weight range though!

  • I have the same problem as you with sizing because my LO is long and skinny. I think it’s great that everyone was paid a fair wage in the making of this product, but as a cloth diaper momma I think it’s too expensive.

  • I love that its adorable and a perfect fit!! Love that it reduces waste and saves me money!! Can’t even tell you how much I hated buying swim diapers and then tossing them after just a few hours of use!

  • That print is simply adorable. How nice that she responded to your inquiry about how to fit it properly. I think I would have made the same mistake as you. This would be perfect for my chubby leg baby.

  • I’m so glad you made a review on this swim diaper ! I am pregnant with my first child and intend to cloth diaper, including with things like swim diapers. Its just very helpful to find such good information out there

  • This was such a great review! I love the print and how it is adjustable for a range of weights.. Two things though does it have spf or uv protection? An another is there any cloth swim diaper that does hold pee or are all swim diapers in general like that???? I’m new to the whole swim diaper thing.. I bought and I play swim diaper at target with uv protection but have not used that yet..b was going to try that out this weekend possibly for my son’s 1st birthday!!!!

  • Our son has been using Bummis Swimmi’s since he was 7.5 months. They always do their job and are super cute!

  • So much information to absorb. One side of your mind says get the throwaways the other side say NO you are trying to be a better person. I like that durable and will not fall apart after a short time. Love the print and that it is adjustable.

  • Thanks for the review! I am actually swim diaper shopping right now!!! I purchased one China cheapie just to see how it works for us, but we haven’t received. I’ve always used disposables w/ my other two kids, but I HATE them with a loathing passion. It’s great to see real-time experience. (And how cute is Brooks, seriously?! The perfect model!) Do you feel that the leg openings would accommodate a chunky 6 month old pretty well? We’re headed to the beach this summer and I want a nice fit so he’s comfortable while out of his element. Thanks!

  • What a good hint to have more than one swim diaper in case they dirty the first one! I had not thought of that…duh. The double gussetts and stretchy elastic sound like they would help this diaper function really well, and I would love to feel the laminated lycra. That’s a new fabric I had not heard of before too.