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A Treat Without the Sweet and an Easy Valentine’s Day Tag Craft

#StarWars #ValentinesDay cards

It’s almost here!

I mean Valentine’s Day, of course. This is Tee’s first Valentine’s Day in preschool, and she’s pretty excited about the idea of trading valentines with her friends. Particularly as this is her first school valentine exchange, we wanted to find the perfect valentine cards and favours.

We found these really cute Lego Star Wars valentine cards at our local big box store. Tee has been into Star Wars literally since before she could talk. Before she was even verbal, one of her most popular party tricks was to make heavy breathing noises when we asked her, “What does Darth Vader say?” Tee takes Star Wars figures to school for show and tell, and she recently discovered Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga on the Wii, so this was perfect.

I know that all the kids, mine included, will be overloaded with candy and chocolate and cupcakes this weekend, so I wanted to do something non-candy related. I found the perfect idea in these mini Valentine’s Day Play-Doh containers from Hasbro.

Hasbro #playdoh for #ValentinesDay

They come 15 to a bag in pink, red, and white. As there are only 11 kids in Tee’s class we’ll have some extras for ourselves. The Valentine’s bag comes with little round stickers that fit on the lids for easy gift-giving, but we wanted to do something a little more special than that for Tee’s first valentine exchange so we decided to make simple homemade Valentine’s Day tags for the Play-Doh.

Here are the supplies we used. I had some leftover white and pink card stock around the house, and I picked up the red glitter glue at the same time as we got the Star Wars valentines.

supplies for Valentine's Day tag #craft #valentinesday

I drew circles on the card stock using Kay’s Elmo cup then cut them out with decorative edge scissors. I wrote out, “DOH YOU WANT TO BE MY VALENTINE?” and used the red glitter glue to draw a heart on each tag.

"DOH YOU WANT TO BE MY VALENTINE?" - simple Valentine's Day tag #craft for Play-Doh #valentinesday

While I was doing that, Tee crumpled up some scrap red tissue paper into little balls. She stuck the paper balls on the glitter glue, and then we put them aside to dry overnight.

"DOH YOU WANT TO BE MY VALENTINE?" - simple Valentine's Day tag #craft for Play-Doh #valentinesday

I love the 3D look, and I think they look a little like paper roses.

"DOH YOU WANT TO BE MY VALENTINE?" - simple Valentine's Day tag #craft for Play-Doh #valentinesday

The next day I used a hole punch on each tag and attached a tag to each Play-Doh container with a rubber band. Tee is really excited about handing these out, and I think her friends will be excited about receiving them too!

"DOH YOU WANT TO BE MY VALENTINE?" - simple Valentine's Day tag #craft for Play-Doh #valentinesday

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