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Tetris Lights Make a Great Geek Gift

I’ll admit it. I’m a little geeky at heart. I’ve been reading fantasy and science fiction since my father gave me my first copy of The Hobbit in grade four. I own all the episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel and the sole season of Firefly on Blu-ray. In my late teens I had a boyfriend who played the card game Vampire: the Eternal Struggle, and I may or may not have played a few games of that too. I still like playing video games, though finding the time is a lot harder now than it was before having kids. 

Now that I’ve established my geeky credentials, let me introduce you to Fortress Geek. Based in my hometown of Vancouver, BC, Fortress Geek is a Canadian mecca for all gifts geeky and nerdy. I was recently asked to check out one of their coolest products – the Tetris Constructible Light.

Did you know that 2014 marks the 30th birthday of Tetris? Who doesn’t know this classic video game? Talk about a little piece of my childhood! I remember hours and hours spent playing Tetris on the old school Game Boy – before colour. Remember this?

gameboy and tetris

Nintendo Gameboy” by William Warby is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Well, now the classic Tetris game has been transformed into a fun novelty lamp and toy. The blue I-piece plugs into the wall, and each freestanding tetromino piece stacks on that. As you build the lamp, the pieces light up on contact (through the metallic edge rails). LED lights inside keep the pieces cool to the touch.

tetris constructible lamp

The inverse L is pink instead of blue, and the I-piece is a darker blue than I remember, but otherwise the colours match fairly closely to what are now the standard Tetris colours. The seven tetromino pieces can be stacked and balanced together any way you like to make hundreds of different designs. Combine sets for even more light-up Tetris fun!

Each piece is reversible and made from lightweight plastic. The pieces occasionally need a bit of finessing to get the connection just right to light up, but despite this minor annoyance, these Tetris lights are a lot of fun! They’re a great conversation starter too. Everybody who comes over spends at least a few minutes playing around with them and reminiscing about playing Tetris. While these are definitely not meant for young children, I have let my four-year-old try them under close supervision.  She thinks they’re the coolest thing ever!

tetris lights

Fortress Geek carries tons of other cool, geek-inspired gifts like T-shirts, baby clothes, games, toys, gadgets, and home and kitchen decor. This Boba Fett bathrobe would be a fantastic gift for any wannabe bathtub bounty hunter, and as a Joss Whedonite, I love this Firefly-inspired ladies T-shirt. Here’s just a small selection of the geeky gifts you’ll find at Fortress Geek. Visit Fortress Geek to find the perfect gift for every geek in your life!

Selection of Fortress Geek gifts

Photos adapted from Fortress Geek


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Browse Fortress Geek’s catalogue by category or by popular franchises including Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Portal, Adventure Time, and Game of Thrones. The Tetris Lights I reviewed retail for $48.95 CAD.

Fortress Geek ships internationally and accepts PayPal. Get FREE SHIPPING in Canada on purchases over $100. (Oh man would it be easy to hit that minimum!)

Disclosure: I received a sample item for review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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  • I love the baby shirt Storm it looks like you can get some pretty amazing gifts there, I need to check them out!

  • Those lights are incredible. I want some! Your photo of the old gameboy, totally took me back. I was seriously hooked on that game. I still have that gameboy in a box somewhere, and every time I mention it to my boy (in comparison to something of his like the psp or ds), I get the complete eye roll lol.
    Remember those yellow Sony walkmans. I’ve got that to. I doubt any kid today would even have a clue lol.

  • I never really cared for Tetris, but I want that light it is awesome and I like how they made it so you can change it up, lets play with the lights!!!