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Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid Diaper Review

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I love featuring Canadian businesses and I love talking about cloth diapers. Omaïki combines both of these loves – a Canadian cloth diapering company based in Quebec. All their diapers are designed and made in Canada. Their motto is, “Change the world, one diaper at a time…” Omaïki recently launched the Omaïki 3.Ö (pronounced Trio) Hybrid Diaper, and I was excited to be given the opportunity to review it for you.

Anatomy of an Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid Diaper

The one size Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid Diaper is advertised as an AIO (all-in-one), AI2 (all-in-two), and a pocket diaper. The one I reviewed came with a snake-style bamboo evolutive insert (included with every Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid for a limited time only), and an Ö.Mega booster. The 3.Ö Hybrid comes in both snaps and hook and loop closures.

The Omaïki 3.Ö (snap version) comes with two rows of eight waist snaps and two snaps on each wing to adjust the size at the waist and leg. This diaper has crossover snaps. The size and rise is adjustable with three rows of two rise snaps. If you take a close look at the waist snaps you can see the snaps are angled to allow a more contoured fit.

 Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid Diaper

The inner lining is athletic wicking jersey (like you’d find inside a swimsuit). The Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid comes with internal gussets and a sleeve-style pocket open at the front and the back. There are two snaps at the front to snap in the inserts, and it has an elasticized back and a flat front.

 Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid Diaper

Three rows of snaps give us 4 rise heights. Here’s how the sizes compare.

 Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid Diaper size comparison

Both inserts I received are made from natural fibers. This means that they do need to be washed a few times to remove the natural oils before they reach full absorbency.

Diaper Fit and Performance

The Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid can be used in 3 ways. As an AIO, snap the insert in and either tuck it in the pocket or lay it on top. Having it snapped means you don’t need to hunt around for the matching insert in the laundry, and as it’s all in one piece this style is more babysitter friendly. As an AI2, lay the insert on top. You can then replace the soiled insert with a new one and reuse the shell. As a pocket diaper, just stuff the sleeve-style pocket with your insert.

Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid 3 in 1 styles - AIO, AI2, Pocket

The Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid has a generous fit with lots of room for extra stuffing. Kay is 22 months and 27 pounds, and in this picture she still has two snaps to go on the rise. This diaper will fit for a long time. Conversely, I suspect this will take a while to fit on a new baby. Think closer to 12 pounds than 8.

This diaper uses fairly firm elastic with a lot of stretch. I could see where the elastic had been on Kay’s legs, but I never noticed any significant marks. Getting a good fit was straightforward, and the angled snaps seem to give a slightly more contoured fit around the waist. I don’t think the angled snaps work when using the crossover snaps though. You can see in the size comparison picture above that the fabric bunches up when using the crossover snaps. Of course this wouldn’t be an issue with the hook and loop version.

I’m happy to report we did not have any leaks with this diaper, either during the day or overnight. The nice thing about this snake-style bamboo insert is that you can customize the absorbency where you need it – up front for boy or in the middle for girls. The evolutive insert comes with a bonus smaller insert you can add to boost absorbency. Kay’s a heavy wetter, so I rarely use anything other than fitted diapers at night. But when I added both bamboo inserts and the Ö.Mega booster on top, this diaper even handled overnights easily with no leaks.

The athletic wicking jersey lining was new to me, and I was quite curious to see how it would perform when wet. It kept Kay’s skin dry like microfleece, but I think it washes up better. Kay didn’t poop in this diaper during our testing period so I can’t comment on how the internal gussets would do in that situation, but we’ve been dealing with teething-related loose stools lately, and I can tell you I would rather have a diaper with double gussets like this on her when she poops. Especially while out running errands!

Final Thoughts

I prefer using the Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid as an AIO/pocket. The interior lining is not wipeable, and I don’t like reusing the cover with a soiled lining. I also find that inserts laid on top tend to shift and bunch which I worry will make my baby uncomfortable. Right now Omaïki only offers two prints, Birds (shown here) and Skulls, as well as a solid Medium Blue. I’m not sure why this is as they have quite a few cute prints available in their AIÖs.

We did not have any leaks in this diaper, and it’s one of the very few pocket diapers in my stash that I would trust overnight. While not the trimmest diaper, I like the versatility and generous cut of the Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid. I’m sure this diaper will fit Kay easily right through potty training. This would be a good diaper for taller/bigger babies, but unlikely to fit your newborn for a few weeks.


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The Omaïki 3.Ö Hybrid retails for $28.50. Buy yours at Omaïki or find a retailer here.

Disclosure: I received a sample item for review. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on my personal experience. Your experience may differ.

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  • I’ve seen the Omaiki before but I didn’t realize they were so versatile! Officially going on my favorites list! I love that it can be an AI) or AI2 or a pocket! I really would love an entire stash of AI2’s….

  • We have one of the older models that we haven’t used yet (baby is due this week) and I thought THOSE were great especially bc hubby loved them and agreed to CD bc of them. The changes to the 3.0 make these EVEN BETTER and I had to buy a few for my stash. I love that they have the crossover snaps and the bird print is adorable!!!!!

  • I love love love that it is made in Canada, and I really like the internap gusset, a feature not many cloth diapers have. It is virtually leak proof (never had a leak in my Rumperooz). I’ve heard amazing things about Omaiki, about their quality and more. Hope to win!

  • I haven’t tried any Omaiki diapers yet, but I have a huge soft spot for Canadian made diapers. Also love the awj (fell in love with EBBs partly because of OT! <3 )

  • The internal gussets are a really nice feature. I’m going to have to add this brand to my wish list so we can give it a try when my little man gets here!

  • I like the natural fiber inserts. I think this would work for my chunky baby. I would probably use this as an AIO with the insert snapped in. I agree that I probably wouldn’t use it as an AI2 since it’s not wipeable.

  • I love this diaper! It is really versatile and a great option for those of us that are just starting out in the cloth world.

  • I think that is so awesome that the diaper can be used in three different ways! Too bad the snake style insert doesn’t come in bamboo always…bamboo is such a great material!

  • I have one omaki and i love it. Would love to try this one out, with the jersey inner and bambo insert sounds interesting. Always looking for a good overnight diaper!

  • I love the designs of these diapers! the review was great and gave me some more insight to cloth diapering…I will be new to it in November 🙂

  • Jersey on the inside is a new one for me! Good to know about the sizing running a little large. My 2-year-old is almost out of diapers (potty trained except naps), but we’ve got another one on the way, so I’m looking to revitalize my stash. This may be one to purchase later rather than sooner. Thanks for the review!

  • Thanks for talking about the gussets and athletic mesh – I’ve never tried it and have been a little nervous about how it’d work/wash!love the print too

  • I thought the jersey sounded interesting, I’m glad you commented about it’s performance. I also love double gussets, you can’t go wrong with those! Great review!

  • I haven’t tried athletic wicking jersey before, but it sounds interesting.

    I love double gussets…they are always a plus for me!

  • The prints are really adorable! I would use it as a pocket as I’ve found the same thing that AI2s with a lining aren’t reusable.

  • I’m new to cloth diapers (preparing to foster-adopt!) and so I’ve been researching different brands – I haven’t seen one with Jersey lining before, is it more breathable? I do like the hybrid versatility, I’m guessing it’s nice to have options for different kids at different stages!

  • I am interested in the lining of this. I wonder if it would stain more than microfleece. This diaper sound pretty cool, definitely love pockets with leg gussets.

  • I love the bird print, and like the diaper looks. It seems very similar to my Grovia hybrid covers, but mine are aplix. Very interested in trying the snake inserts!

  • I really like the Jersey lining never used a cloth diaper that had one before. Their color/pattern choices are adorable too.

  • The angled snaps seem like a great idea. The jersey seems like a great idea for pee, but I have my doubts when it comes to poo. I love that it comes with a bamboo insert. Haven’t tried that yet. Thanks for the thorough review! I have a big baby so it’s good to know which diapers offer a generous fit 🙂

  • Expecting our first baby…… I was planning on using only flats or prefolds with pins and plastic pants (my youngest sibling was born when I was 12 and that was what my mom used). I’m thinking of expanding a bit with some different covers for nighttime though — something like this would be just what I’m trying to find!

  • oh i love the internal gussets!! that is really awesome for breasfed babies. my littlest is the queen of the blowout!

  • I like how many different ways you can use this diaper. I probably wouldn’t reuse the cover either, but it sounds like it works really well as a pocket.

  • I had never herd of Omaïki before. This diaper is AWESOME! I love that it can be an AIO, AI2 or a pocket!

  • I learned that the 3.Ö Hybrid comes in both snaps and hook and loop closures. My daughter only uses snaps, but I would think the hook and loop closures would be easier to use.

  • I love the inner layer of this diaper. I don’t have any with the athletic wicking jersey inner. The print you have is super sweet.

  • I like the idea of the cross over snaps. It’s unfortunate that it doesn’t work well as a cover due to the lining. Great to know that it functions well as a pocket!