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Hey, Universe. No More, Okay? Thanks.

You know that saying about bad things happening in threes? Well, I really hope not. Life has been pretty stressful around here the past week, which is why things have been a little quieter than usual on the blog front. I guess I’m hunkered down a bit waiting for things to get better and hoping that’s all for now.

First, our kitty Zephyr got sick. She’d been picky about her food the last couple of weeks, then last week she stopped eating entirely. We brought her to the vet, and he did an expensive (as if there’s any other kind) battery of blood tests. The next day he called to let us know that Zef had fatty liver disease. She’s been on a regimen of medication, prescription food, and “assisted feeding” ever since. That’s a nice way of saying I have to basically force feed her with a syringe. (Side note: most cats don’t like this very much.)

Last weekend hubs emailed while I was at work to let me know that the cat’s skin was looking kind of yellow so he was taking her back to the vet. Our vet recommended keeping her for a couple of days in the animal hospital on an IV in the hopes that would turn things around and she’d start eating again. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, so we brought her home on Tuesday to spend her last few days with her family in the comfort of her own home. So far she doesn’t seem to be in any pain, though she still won’t eat on her own. I don’t imagine it’ll be much longer though. I’ve had this cat for 14 years, and obviously the kids are really attached too. Losing our Zephyr is going to be hard for all of us.

the girls and zephyr

And then…

On Wednesday we had a windstorm that blew over a 50 freaking foot willow tree into the neighbour’s yard and into the yard next to that. It took out a section of fence and flattened his shed, but it somehow missed all the houses and thankfully nobody was hurt. I’m incredibly grateful for that, but I’ve just discovered our home insurance will only cover a small portion of the tree removal costs. It’s a HUGE tree, and it won’t be cheap to cut up and haul away.

My tree blew over

Obviously this is a really bad time to be getting giant vet and tree service bills, plus an insurance deductible. Not that there’s ever a good time, but right before Christmas is particularly unwelcome. So yeah, I’m pretty stressed out.

Universe, if you’re listening, I could really use a break right about now. How about you give us a pass on that third thing, just this once, m’kay?

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  • So sorry to hear about your cat and the tree…hopefully you can look forward to some well-deserved family time this Christmas.

  • I am so sorry to hear your cat is not well. Thinking of you all.

    We have had a bunch of things go awry lately too. Expensive plumbing bill and then needed a new battery for the car as it wouldn’t start the other day. And these unexpected expenses coupled w our son’s birthday and Christmas coming up I am a little stressed too.

  • That must have been a nasty shock when the tree fell down, I’m glad no one was hurt and that at least it missed the houses. I was hoping to hear that your cat was picking up again, so sorry to hear that that’s not the case. It’s tough when so much happens at once and I really do hope that you’re spared the 3rd misfortune.

  • I totally understand what you mean! I was so sad when it was time to let my cat go. They are definitely members of the family. How scary the tree fell down! I am glad no one was injured but it is too bad your insurance doesn’t cover much. Everything does seem to happen at once. My son needs surgery at the Hospital for Sick Children and our car needs to be fixed.

  • Delivering medication to cats is hellish. I’ve never met a cooperative cat in my life! Poor kitty. I don’t handle the loss of pets well at all.

  • Omg, stressed to the max here too. Our car completely up and gave out on us. We have had to purchase a new to us one. Between the down payment, the new insurance costs and the bi weekly payments, I am actually scared of Christmas this year. I look at The bank account and honestly just wanna burst into tears

  • So sorry about your cat. We lost our beloved Buddy last October 31 and it will always be in our hearts. The tree thing, that is another problem. Happened to my son’s place and no one would take responsibility for the tree and in the end, insurance would not pay, such a hassle! Good Luck bypassing #3, seriously!! 🙂

  • I’m thinking of you and your family during this hard time you’re going through right now. Just remember these times make you stronger in the end.

  • Poor Zephyr. It’s so hard when a pet is sick. I’ve been through it before and it truly sucks! I’m also sorry about the tree. I hope nothing else happens to you.

  • I am so sorry this has been such a hard time for your family. There is no way to plan for crazy crap like a tree blowing over and taking out a pile of stuff. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Also I am sorry about your cat. We had two kitties that were 17 and 18 when they died. It was super sad for all of us. I let my kids see me be sad about that because they needed to see it was okay to cry and miss something so important and special to us. It’s very hard to see them be sad too though.

  • I hope nothing else comes your way.
    This week has also been a stressful one for me.
    I came home from work and my one dog was sick, coughing…off to the emergency vet who said he was stable but take to our regular vet for xrays. came home and other dog was sick, waited a bit,ended up taking him to the emergency vet at 3 in the morning and unfortunately had to say goodbye to him, he had a tumor bleeding in his abdomen.
    grieving Frankie, then I get sick and take first dog for xrays:collapsed trachea and bronchitis, no sleep for anyone,
    son’s laptop breaks and then our bed breaks
    hope today brings some sunshine.

  • I am so totally feeling you I got a call 3 weeks ago in the late evening from my Mom telling me my sister who has cerebral palsy was very sick at the hospital and she could not do this alone. So in 3 hours I was there by her side for the next 3 weeks in ICU and then back to a regular room! Then my husband called this week and said I needed to come home if at all possible he has a hernia and it has gotten worse so here I go to another hospital so yeah I am holding my breath on 3 myself! Please to anyone who believes in prayer please pray that my sister recovers and so does my husband!

  • I’m so sorry about your cat. Pets are family members and it’s so hard to let them go. I hope things start looking up for you soon.

  • So sorry for your mishaps and hope the saying doesn’t come true. We’re on #2 here too. My FIL diagnosed with acute leukemia. Then, my MIL has kidney failure. Right now, hubby not feeling well. Hopefully, nothing too serious.

  • So sorry to hear about your fur baby and the other mishap, When things go wrong as
    they sometimes will,When the road you’re trudging
    seems all up hill,When funds are low and debts are high,
    And you want to smile but you have to sigh,
    When care is pressing you down a bit,
    Reset,if you must,but dont you quit or give up stay strong!!

  • I am sorry to hear about your struggles. I can totally relate though, I have been getting it rough lately, will not share as they are really intense personal things. It all will turn around, it just feels like it never will. Hope Zephyr is doing okay.

  • You will never be dished out something you can’t handle. I know its hard now but you will get through this. I am sorry to hear about your kitty its tough losing a part of your family.