This FlattenMe Personalized Book is Super!

Every parent has their own little tricks to help soothe a fussy baby. It’s no surprise that mine was nursing on demand, but on the rare occasions that nursing didn’t do the trick, hubs would break out his secret weapon. He would “fly” her around the room stretched out on her tummy along his forearm. Nine times out of ten she’d stop crying pretty much immediately and fall fast asleep within minutes. And thus she became known as SuperTee!

When I learned that FlattenMe makes a personalized superhero book, I knew it would be perfect for my SuperTee! I was so excited to add this beautiful book to our library.

Making a FlattenMe personalized book was so easy! You start by putting in your SuperSomeone’s name and select the gender and age. Next upload your picture. The digital wizards at FlattenMe will crop the head and hair and match the skin tone so it looks just right when they put your child’s face in the book. Finish by writing a dedication for the front page. You’ve got up to 6 lines so there’s plenty of room to leave a special message. Then sit back and wait for your new super book to arrive!

You should have seen Tee’s smile when I handed her the finished product and she realized it had her face and name on the cover. We’ve already read it three or four times together, and she loves to show off her book to visitors. Her face and name are used on every page, and the sturdy pages are full colour and made to withstand reading over and over and over. We both really liked Gale Franey’s artwork, a fantastic combination of digital photography and digital painting. The books are 8″ x 11″ and come in hardcover and softcover versions.

Chara Campanella has written a cute rhyming ode to Tee and her super powers. She can jump from here to Taipei, tame crocodiles with her super smile, juggle huge boulders, and fly! And although SuperTee is smart, fun, and a good friend too, “the best thing about SuperTee, you see, is that she is a hero and super to me.”

I already explained why I thought it was perfect to put Tee in the star role, but wouldn’t this be an amazing gift for a child who’s separated from their parent or another loved one for any reason? Whether through military service, divorce, illness, work, or travel, a book about SuperMommy or SuperDaddy would be a fantastic way to remind your child how much he or she is loved.

FlattenMe has lots of other personalized books, plus journals, T-shirts, wall art, cards, and water bottles, all featuring your little one’s face. Any of these would make a wonderful keepsake gift for that special child in your life or a treasured Father’s Day present for SuperDad!


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Browse FlattenMe’s website to find your perfect personalized book or gift. My SuperSomeone retails for $39.99 in hardcover and $29.99 in softcover.

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