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First Day of Preschool!

Today was Tee’s first day of preschool.

first day

If you can’t quite read it, her picture says. “1st day of Preschool. Sep 5, 2013. I want to be a teacher/soccer player when I grow up.” (I got the idea for the cute milestone picture frame from Go Graham Go!)

Tee is enrolled two days a week for now, and we’ll likely go up to three days a week starting in January. We chose a Montessori preschool for her because the principles and goals of Montessori education are a good fit for our values and views on how children learn best. I didn’t know much about Montessori until last year when I started reading up on it, so this will be a learning experience for me too!

We’ve been preparing for the big day for the last two weeks. Tee got to take a quick tour of her classroom and meet her teacher a couple of weeks ago. While we were there, we were able to set her mind at ease about her most pressing question. Was the toilet seat black or white? The toilet seat at her Strong Start program was black which she found scary enough that she refused to ever pee on it. But because her preschool is run out of the teacher’s converted basement, the toilet is standard white just like ours.

I’ve also been doing a countdown with her all week. “Today’s Monday. Tomorrow is Tuesday, the day after is Wednesday, and then it’s Thursday. Do you know what happens on Thursday? You get to go to school!” Last night we picked out her outfit for her first day and put it on her dresser so she could see it when she woke up.

This morning she put on her brand new back pack, I strapped on Kay in the Boba, and away we went! I love that her preschool is exactly a 12 minute walk away. That’s a guaranteed 48 minutes of walking for me every day she’s in school!

Walking to school | This West Coast Mommy

I handed Tee over to her teacher and told her I’d be back to pick her up after school. I gave her a kiss and walked away. Today was only an hour, but what a long hour it was for me at least! When I came to pick her up, her teacher reported she was shy but didn’t cry. On the way home, Tee was pretty excited about the whole thing. She told me her teacher had showed her how to pour pennies from one cup to another, and that she was looking forward to doing the Broad Stairs activity next week.

As I’m reviewing the pictures in this post, I can’t believe how big my baby is getting. My little girl is growing up!

How did you prepare your little one for their first day or first day back?

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