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8 Eggcellent Egg Recipes

As a paleo family, it’s no surprise that we eat a lot of meat in this house. Mostly chicken and beef, with the occasional pork roast or seafood thrown into the mix. But of course, there are other sources of protein. Seeing as it’s Easter weekend, I decided it would be timely to share a roundup of some egg recipes I’ve collected, plus a bonus tutorial for making the perfect hard boiled egg.

All the recipes are gluten-free and paleo or primal friendly.

8 eggcellent recipes roundup

From left to right, top to bottom:

Pizza-Inspired Frittata Muffins

These mini frittatas are paleo, dairy-free, and Whole30 compliant. Sometimes I add some Cheddar or Gouda cheese, and they’re even tastier. My kids ask for these all the time.

Mexican Scrambled Eggs

Eggs and jalapeño go together like Bert and Ernie! This one’s gluten-free as long as you pick a gluten-free tostada. Many are; just check the ingredients.

Egg Salad Boats

Paleo, dairy-free, and Whole30 (if using homemade mayo). A fun, healthy snack for the kidlets!

Homemade Whole Egg Mayo

Paleo, dairy-free, and Whole30 compliant. Once you try homemade, you’ll never go back to the chemical-laden stuff from the store!

Mini Egg “Muffin” Omelets

Anyone who knows me, knows I love food in muffin form. These are so cute and portable!

Poached Eggs with Sheep’s Milk Ricotta and Arugula Salad

This just looks amazing. Where can I find some sheep’s milk ricotta?

Garlic Scape Frittata

Frittatas are so versatile and quick to prepare. I love this classic, simple recipe.

How to Boil Eggs Perfectly

This is exactly how we make hard boiled eggs at home. Follow the directions and get perfect hard boiled eggs every time.


What’s your favourite egg recipe? Please share in the comments.

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  • Great roundup! Eggs are one of my favourite ingredients for quickie meals. Thanks so much for including our frittata and poached egg recipes. Those frittata muffins are on my list to try next!

    • Definitely. I always have 2 or 3 cartons of eggs in my fridge. They’re especially great when you’re running late and you need to get something on the table 10 minutes ago.

  • The egg salad boats look cute! I had never thought of trying that in celery…only cheese whiz, peanut butter, or hummus.

  • At this time of the year, I always have a lot of leftover hard boiled eggs and I never know what to do with them! Thanks for sharing all of these fantastic egg recipes at the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party!

  • Hi, Olivia. Nice round up of egg dishes! The mexican scrambled eggs look fantastic. Out of all the ways to eat eggs, for me nothing beats perfectly scrambled eggs. Thank you for sharing.

  • (8 Eggcellent Egg Recipes) Eggs are the start of my morning , I really like this recipe the most; Mini Egg “Muffin” Omelets.

  • I’m drooling over the Pizza-Inspired Frittata Muffins. Something to try over the weekend. But now I must go boil some eggs for breakfast.

  • I love eggs in most shapes and forms, I think the only thing I don’t like are poached eggs. My favourite is probably “Mish Mash” as we called it back home. Softly boiled eggs, yolk has to still be runny, mashed with a fork with butter, salt and pepper. Cubes of bread are then added and mixed together. Looks dreadful but tastes really good. This made be my favourite since my mother always made this for us as a treat when we were ill.

  • I’m a retired butcher so we are all meat eaters in my home, but I too like to change things up a bit, and a little secret I’m going in to get the SlimBand done so I’m really going to have to watch what I eat and change my whole diet, and I’ve already started by making some of the recipes that you share, and I? love them, hubby not to but he’ll eat it anyways to support me, keep sharing those recipes 🙂

  • My hubby generally prefers to have meat in our dinners but I’d really like to try to use eggs more often!

  • My hard boiled eggs never seem to come out right….I am saving your how to boil an egg perfectly link! Thank you!

  • I might be weird, but I like smashing up a hard boiled egg and avocado together and eating it with a tiny bit of salt. It’s really good! Gotta be pasture raised eggs, though. Those taste the best. Mmm!