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Keep Cool this Summer with the Second Cup Summer Drink Festival

Second Cup Summer Drink Festival

Summer is here! Just in time to beat the heat, the Second Cup Summer Drink Festival is featuring one of five favourite icy drinks at a special price – $3.49 for a medium – all summer long!

Are you among the 50% of Canadians who enjoy iced coffee? Or maybe you like a little variety in your cup? This season, Second Cup is introducing two new refreshing options – a Frozen Lemonade and a Black Cherry Smoothie – which join espresso-based favourites like Second Cup’s popular Chillatte® and Iced Lattes on the summer drink board. So whether you’re craving an icy coffee or something a little different, there’s a chilled beverage on the menu for you. The featured beverage will change every two weeks, so keep popping into Second Cup find your favourite: NEW Black Cherry Real Fruit Smoothie

  • Chillatte® – a delicious chocolate frappe, ice cold, creamy and lightly sweet; made with Second Cup premium espresso
  • NEW Black Cherry Real Fruit Smoothie – made with real black cherry fruit puree
  • NEW Frozen Lemonade – crisp, clean and refreshing, with a light and tangy real lemonade flavour
  • Frrrozen White Hot Chocolate® – the deliciously decadent taste of white chocolate blended with milk and ice
  • Matcha Green Tea Frappé – a creamy and sweet source of antioxidants with the revitalizing flavours of fresh herbal and green tea notes

Don’t Sweat It – Latte Tuesdays

The most popular way for Canadians to enjoy an iced coffee is with milk or cream, getting the top vote from 65% of iced coffee drinkers. It’s clear that Canadians love the flavour of espresso and milk, making the Iced Latte a new summertime classic. Iced Latte lovers will be happy to know that Second Cup’s popular Latte Tuesdays will continue all season long. Customers can enjoy an iced or hot latte, any Tuesday, for a special price*.

Make Your Own Iced Coffee

The coffee experts at Second Cup have some tips for making your own refreshing iced coffee at home. Easy peasy!

  • Brew a pot of fresh coffee using 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per cup.
  • Transfer the hot coffee to a carafe or pitcher. Note – If you’re brewing in a French press at home then pour the finished brew into the carafe/pitcher through a coffee filter to remove sediment.
  • Refrigerate the coffee until cold, about 1 1/2 to 3 hours.
  • Fill a tall glass with ice cubes.
  • Stir the pitcher of cold coffee and pour the chilled coffee into the glass.
  • If you want, you can add milk, sugar, non-sugar sweetener or simple syrup to your taste.
  • Stir and enjoy!

Some Pro Tips:

  • Darker roast coffees tend to make a more intensely flavoured iced coffee with good depth and sweetness.
  • Consider freezing coffee in ice-cube trays to really enhance your iced coffee experience; coffee cubes will not dilute your iced coffee.
  • Iced coffee can be a challenge to sweeten with granulated sugar. Consider making a simple syrup using sugar and hot water to sweeten the iced coffee.
  • For a decadent, dessert-like treat, consider adding sweetened condensed milk to your iced coffee.
  • Only make as much iced coffee as you plan to drink in the day. Over time the coffee particles will settle in the bottom of your pitcher and you will notice a change in flavour.

What’s your favourite summer beverage?

* Latte Tuesdays is a limited time offer. Valid any Tuesday at participating Second Cup cafés in Canada. Plus applicable taxes. Includes iced or hot cappuccino, Caffé Latte, all Flavoured Lattes and all Tea Lattes. No substitutions. While supplies last. Product selection may vary by location. In BC, ON & QC, enjoy a medium hot or iced latte any Tuesday for $2.95; in Edmonton, MB, NB, NL, NS, SK, enjoy any large hot or iced latte any Tuesday for $3.49; offer not valid in Calgary.

Disclosure: I received a gift card as thanks for sharing this information with you. The opinions on this blog are my own. Your experience may differ.

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