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Floor to Ceiling Cleaning with the Dirt Devil 360 Reach Bagless Stick Upright Vacuum #360Reach

I’m short. Hubby is not. So it’s up to him to get things down from the top shelf, change light bulbs, and hang the Christmas lights every year. He likes to joke that it’s his responsibility to clean the ceilings, and mine to clean the floors. Ha ha.

You've really gotta hand it to short people. Because we usually can't reach it anyway.

Kidding aside, there are lots of times I find myself just a little too short to clean everything. If I can’t see it, it must be okay, right? As much as I wish that were really the case, sooner or later reality sets in (or allergies, whichever comes first), and I realize that I need a helping hand.

I recently got the chance to review Dirt Devil’s 360 Reach Bagless Stick Upright Vacuum. I figured it would be convenient for spot cleaning my hard floors, but what I discovered was how awesome this is for cleaning everything else, especially if you’re vertically challenged like me.Dirt Devil 360 upright

To start, I love how many accessories the 360 Reach comes with right out of the box. Isn’t it frustrating when you buy something and then you realize you can’t do any of the cool things you were expecting unless you buy a bunch of extras? The 360 Reach comes with all the tools you could ask for, along with a black nylon bag to store all the pieces neatly in one place. 

Dirt Devil 360 Reach vacuum accessories

  1. Sturdy telescoping metal Extended Wand that allows you to reach from floors to ceilings and everything in between.
  2. This unique Pivoting Extension Tool that bends at any angle to get into hard-to-reach places.
  3. Crevice Tool for all the nooks and crannies.
  4. Vac+Dust Hard Floor Tool with SWIPES™ Washable Microfiber Pad for heavy dirt, debris, and dust.
  5. Vac+Dust Ceiling Fan Tool with SWIPES™ Washable Microfiber Pad vacuums and dusts ceiling fan blades.
  6. Vac+Dust Above Floor Tool with SWIPES™ Washable Microfiber Pad to clean air vents, hard-to-reach corners, shelves, and more.
  7. Powered Stair & Upholstery Tool that covers every part of each step.

I love that the 360 Reach cleaning tools come with washable, reusable microfiber pads that grab and hold onto all the dust. This fits right in with our eco-friendly household. Not only do these save money, but they save trash from going into the landfill too. The vacuum filter is also washable and reusable. Don’t throw it away, wash it!

We recently got a new kitchen table set and the microfiber pad on the floor tool protects the table and chair legs from scratches and dings while picking up all the loose dirt, dog hair, and tiny specks of Play-Doh on my kitchen floor.

Dirt Devil 360 Reach

Here’s the floor tool with the microfiber pad removed. You can see the sides are flexible plastic to help you get right up to the edges without denting or scratching furniture or walls, and the ribbed tubing allows it to turn in a full 180 degree arc left and right.

Dirt Devil 360 Reach floor tool

Then there’s the motorized stair and upholstery attachment that lets you vacuum the horizontal tread like normal, then flip the plastic guard up to vacuum the vertical riser part of the stairs. Some people may think that’s not that big of a deal, but pet parents know why this is such a smart detail. Animals get hair on every part of the stair, not just the tread.

It does well in small areas like stairs and in the car, but I wouldn’t recommend this for anything larger. The attachment is 6″ wide and only powered when inserted directly into the canister (like the picture below) so it’s most useful as a hand vac. 

turbo stair rise

The same attachment does a great job on my couch after the kids have been eating fishie crackers. The crevice tool is stored inside the handle of the hand vac so it’s always conveniently accessible to get the crumbs out from between the cushions and deep down inside.

And here’s a glimpse of the ceiling fan tool in action. It gets all the dust on the top and bottom of each fan blade without dislodging it onto the floor and making a bigger mess.

Dirt Devil 360 Reach vacuum ceiling fan tool

One of the most unique accessories I’ve ever seen is the pivoting extension tool. It has two joints that you can manually adjust to any angle you need, so you can reach everywhere and get all the hidden spots. Even when you’re short like me!

Dirt Devil Reach above floor tool

This 4-in-1 stick vacuum uses a cyclonic filtration system for powerful suction. At only 3.2 pounds, it’s remarkably lightweight for such a powerful portable cleaning machine. Of course it needs to be light to allow you to hold it while you’re cleaning the tops of book shelves, lighting fixtures, on top of the fridge, those pesky cobwebs, and everything else with the extendable wand. The only thing that’s missing is some kind of a carrying strap to make it truly effortless.

Don’t expect this to replace your main vacuum cleaner. The smallish dirt cup and lack of carpet attachment mean it’s not meant for that. But this is the perfect all-in-one tool for all the hard to reach areas in my home, from floor to ceiling and everything in between! There went all my excuses…

The Dirt Devil 360 Reach Bagless Stick Vacuum retails for $179.99 CAD, and it’s available at Canadian Tire, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Amazon.

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  • I’m not really a short person, but I’d still find this vacuum useful. My living room ceilings wouldn’t be considered cathredal, but they are higher than the other rooms in my home and this would be great for cleaning the corners there, and I also like the way it cleans the stairs.

    • Lol, no you don’t have to be short to love it! Unless you’re 7 feet tall, most of us could use the extra reach. I think maybe I just appreciate it a little bit more because I’m height challenged!

  • Oh wow! This is an amazing vacuum! As a shorty, I do struggle with those high up places to clean them – this would make life a whole lot easier 🙂