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  • These are awesome and that last pic is hilarious! I would have definitely run too! Heehee! I really want to go to the exhibit next time we go to the mainland.

  • So cool! We’ll be on the west coast in Aug..and were doing the Aquarium for sure…maybe this place now too! Thanks!! What appropriate timing to see this!

  • My kids still love dinosaurs! There’s something magical about them. I’d love to go to this museum.

  • great photos, I used to love seeing the skeletons of dinosaurs and was awestruck. Now of course I realise that I’m lucky there aren’t any around these days! 🙂

  • This would be a great place to go, I’m fascinated by dinosaurs and at how large they were, it’s nice that they are no longer around..lol

  • “Tyrannosaurus crashes in, gnashing his jaws , Wallop! on the ground go his big back claws, he is huge and he’s heavy, but all he wants to do…
    … is join in the romp -so why don’t you?” 🙂

  • Dinosaur exhibits are so fascinating…..haven’t seen one for quite some time, but my boy could stare for a while at some of the big guys!