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Wordless Wednesday: Plum Blossoms

Today I learned the difference between cherry blossoms and plum blossoms. These are plum blossoms!

cherry tree blossoms

Plum blossoms have:

  • rounded petals (no split at the end)
  • a strong fragrance
  • purple leaves
  • one blossom per bud
  • darker, smooth bark on the tree trunk

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  • Beautiful,I can’t wait to see spring again. A week ago there was no snow in my neighbourhood and most of it had melted in town. Then winter decided it wasn’t done yet. First day of Spring we are excepted to have snow and be below freezing. Ahhh Minnesota. About the plum blossom very pretty. There is a house I walk past that has a plum tree on it’s side.

  • I just love Flowers. They are so Beautiful and I love the Beautiful Scents they have! I love cherry Blossoms they are so pretty! My neighbor has a Cherry Tree in her yard, & every year I watch it turn into a tree of beautiful flowers. I don’t believe I have ever seen a Plum tree before! The picture of the plum blossoms shown on your post is absolutely Beautiful! They do look a lot like the Cherry Blossoms! Now I have learned something new today from your Lovely post!! Thankyou for sharing ~ Have a Great Day!! :0)~~~

  • Gorgeous! I didn’t know the difference between cherry and plum blossoms either so I’m glad that I now know.

  • So beautiful, thanks for posting this information. Some of these little tidbits of information will probably come in handy some day. There are plants I had to look up and see the difference because they looked the same to me. Like what is the difference between Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel? They both have beautiful flowers when they bloom. Laurels have shiny leaves, they thrive in dry soils like the mountains. Rhododendrons have long dull green leaves and thrive in moist soils, they grow around 8+ feet tall. We went with the Rhododendron and yes they do grow tall. It’s amazing how many plants are in the world. In our day to day areas we only see a few, so we do need to enjoy what we do see like the beautiful Plum and Cherry Blossoms. Your pictures make Spring so much closer.