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Wordless Wednesday: The Family That LEGOs Together

The family that LEGOs together, stays together!

Unless of course you’re a butterfingers and you drop it on the floor. Then you’ll spend the next 45 minutes trying to put it together again for your weepy 6-year-old and hunting for all the tiny pieces that disappeared under the couch.

LEGO together

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  • not a parent, aunt, uncle, friend of family who has not step on a leggo! those things really hurt………. at 67 I have sat down with a kid and played and enjoyed them

  • Lego’s are a blast! I grew up building and creating with them, and now I get to enjoy them again with my children! πŸ™‚ They are indeed very painful to step on though lol.

  • We totally LEGO together in our house too. My kiddos are into the Star Wars and Minecraft LEGOS, but would really love to get their hands on some Harry Potter LEGOS too! The whole family gets involved in building these things.

  • I can relate to being the one that drops it or somehow makes it all come undone. The kids little fingers seems to work better than mine at putting them together. But it is fun and worth the effort.

  • I can certainly relate to this. I’m always dropping the LEGO as my motor skills are lacking although I still love playing with it and the grandchildren.

  • I’m sure my son loves Lego more than his children and he loves helping them build them. He’s very much into Star Wars Lego himself and he’s probably now into Harry Potter Lego too. πŸ™‚

  • So did you find all the pieces? I hope your daughter got it all back together again, I know that feeling well, I have accidently broke a few of my daughters masterpieces and it doesn’t go over to well

  • DH and I love Lego! DD is still a bit too young, but loves Duplo. We’ve been buying Lego for when she’s bigger, though! We also have a Star Wars set. πŸ™‚

  • lol. my girls are too young for the smaller lego. they have the giant lego pieces right now. but i can just imagine all the little pieces of lego we will have as they get older

  • I’m ready to get rid of the MegaBlox in favor of just Duplo for the younger and little Lego for the older, except that my kids are just as happy to let them disappear under the couch as pick them up when they play with them on their own…