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Win a Funky Fluff Cloth Diaper & Wet Bag in the FunkyFather Giveaway! {Closed}

Win a Funky Fluff diaper and wet bag! (CAN/US, 6/26)

Welcome to the FunkyFather Giveaway,
hosted by This West Coast Mommy and Maman Loup’s Den!

Dads love Funky Fluff cloth diapers too, so we’re helping Funky Fluff celebrate Father’s Day in true funky style with a fun giveaway event!

One lucky fan will win an in stock Funky Fluff stay dry diaper and wet bag of choice.

Play along with us! Every morning from June 15-26, Funky Fluff will post a new picture of a famous fictional father on their Facebook page. GO HERE to get the clue, then come back and enter his name in the daily entry spot on the giveaway form below. See how many you know!

Enter in the widget below for your chance to win. This giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US, 18+. All entries will be verified. Good luck!

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  • Adam Braverman from Parenthood is my favorite! He is passionate about his family. He is accepting and understanding and stands up for his kids when they need him most!

    • My favourite is Dan Needham from the book A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving. He is actually a step father but is awesome because he totally understands kids. When he met his John (the kid) for the first time while dating his mom he brought a large paper bag and asked John not to touch it and make sure that it didn’t move. Of course being a kid John moved it and the contents fell out and it was a stuffed armadillo which scared and intrigued John. It was the perfect thing to do. And he took care of John so well after hours mom died.

    • Danny tanner from full house has always been my favorite dad. He’s brave and kind to his girls eve after loosing his wife bye always knows when to ask for help and is always fair.

  • The only one I can really think of is Mr. Weasley. He pretty much treated Harry like a son when he already had all those kids.

  • Hank hill he may be a little straight and a little tough but hes a good dad and works hard to provide teach and make great memories with his son

  • Jack Arnold, seemed so tough when I watched The Wonder Years as a kid but now when I watch it he is more relatable.

  • My favorite fictional father has always been Fa Zhou from Mulan. No matter what he’s always loved and accepted Mulan for who she was and he always believed in her.

  • I think growing up my favorite fictional father was Mufasa from the Lion King. He was such a good leader, and was stern yet loving with Simba. It was unfair that Simba lost him so early in life, but he’s fatherly advice and love lived on in him ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Danny Turner from Full House! He was always so patient and loving and understanding! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It used to be Dr. Huxtable but well…..ehhh…not any more. I guess Mike Brady was a really good dad.

  • My favourite fictional father is Fox Mulder. Because he had a baby once. And then it was given to a farm couple to raise, Superman style.

  • Phil Dunphy for sure – I love all of his oblivious sexual innuendos and his sense of humour.

  • Robert Young in Father Knows Best from the 1950s (I entered a comment just a few seconds ago before I was finished, hence I am entering the complete comment here)

  • Jay Pritchett from Modern Family-he’s a realistic person, and I love that he is not always politically correct or the best father, but he tries his best to overcome his failings and truly loves his family even when he doesn’t agree with them..

  • My favorite would have to be Uncle Jesse from Full House. He was an amazing uncle to help raise his nieces after his sister’s passing. Them he was a great dad to his own twin boys. And he was so cool, and don’t forget God looking. Lol

  • Hmmm I’m going to go with Danny Tanner, because he’s Mr. Mom and Dad all in one. Nice, goofy and always trying to do the right thing by his kids ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Danny Tanner was my favourite when I was growing up. He always listened to his kids and gave them good advice.

  • Like the classic Ward Cleaver- on the great show Leave It To Beaver.
    He is so hard working and kind to his family, Taught his two sons
    the right and wrong thinks in life.

  • My favorite fictional father is Danny Tanner!! I loved watching Full House growing up and now my 6yr old does too! His jokes are funny and he always has great advice for his girls.

  • My favourite fictional father is Atticus Finch because he provided such a good example to his kids of how to live.

  • My absolute FAVORITE fictional father is Burt Hummel in GLEE. He was so supportive, protective and loving towards Kurt, and the writers did such a great job of rounding out his character. Love him.

  • My favourite fictional character is Marty Crane from Frasier. He’s just so down-to-earth and always dealing with his pretentious sons.

  • Today my favorite is Ned Stark b/c he led by example for his kids, no matter the personal cost to him.

  • My favorite fictional father is Ed Bloom on Big Fish. That’s one of my favorite movies ever! I just really love his stories! He sort of reminds me of my grandpa a little bit because he always had crazy stories to tell us when we were young.

  • Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince of Bellaire! He was an awesome father and uncle even if he lost his temper sometimes. I always think back to the episode where Will’s bio dad ditched him and Uncle Phil was there to pick up the pieces.

  • Hal for sure from Malcome in the Middle! Questionable parenting lol but has a big heart for his family!

  • Danny tanner from full house. He had to play both parental roles plus knew he would need support from his friends to raise his girls.

  • There are so many good songs ones out there, but I loved Tim Taylor. He was funny & wanted to play up the macho man, but their show tried to keep the morals too. Good TV!