Win $425 Summer Lovin’ Cash {Closed}

We’re in the home stretch! Summer will be here before you know it, and we’re already making plans for slowing down and having some family fun in the sun. We can’t wait for pool time, picnics in the park, nights at the drive-in theatre, and camping! We’ve got lots of ideas for free and low-cost fun, and we’re hoping to get in at least one road trip too. What are your plans this summer?

Wouldn’t some extra cash go a long way towards making those summer plans a little more special? That’s why I’ve teamed up with a great group of bloggers to bring you the ultimate summer giveaway worth $425 USD in PayPal cash. Enter in the giveaway widget below for your chance at this fantastic Summer Lovin’ Cash pot. Open worldwide.

What will you spent this on if you win?

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  • We want to take one last trip as a family of three either to Quebec City or Granby so we’d probably use it towards that! Or a shade covering for our patio furniture!

  • I’d buy food for my pet and stuff for myself too. Once you give her canned food, she wants it every day. I don’t blame her. I’ll be buying treats for myself with the money as well.

  • With a daughter heading to college in the fall, this would go right into her ‘college fund’!

  • I would put it in my car fund. 3 break downs in a week is what it takes for me to want a new car!

  • I would use it toward my vacation fund. We try to save for a trip to some place warm in the winter.

  • We would use it for our vacations! Maybe for a day at the zoo, with a night at the hotel and a dinner at the restaurant!

  • If I won this I would spend it on various projects. My raised bed gardens are in need of more supports, so that I can grow more veggies vertically. I would buy some paint for my house doors and window trim. I would love a new fire pit, but if not that, paint to redo the rusted screen. I have the basic outdoor furniture, but some colorful rugs would make such a difference.

  • If I won, I would do what I always do…Buy cat food, and other supplies for my cat rescue.

  • I would use it to take my kiddo to some fun parks and museums. I’d also use it to get a few needed items for baby #2.

  • Awesome giveaway! If I won I would take my family to with Disneyland or Universal studios or maybe just do some beach camping!

  • I would buy a new barbecue and then invite family and friends over for a summer barbecue dinner.

  • I’d spend a chunk of it on summer passes for the kid’s museum here, and maybe an indoor playground/ pool membership. Gotta have a place to play when it’s hottt!

  • We are excited for summer to come. I love having a bit of extra time with my youngest child as the other two were in school but I know how tired they must be and ready for some all day summer fun. We would love to buy super soaker water guns, water balloons, beach tent, a family/kids pool, and sandles and beach towels for the family.

  • If I won the money, I would finally buy some stuff from WISH that my daughter has been asking for and probably some shoes for the new school year and some Birks for me 🙂

  • We’re expecting our first baby in a couple of weeks! I’d buy our car seat so we can go on some summer road trips and I’d probably also buy a baby pop-up tent for the beach.

  • Wow – one could spend this money six ways to Sunday and back again! My initial thinking is this would be put towards purchasing supplies to cook this summer. My daughter decided she did not want to attend a summer school program this year but rather test out some recipes at home. This would allow us to be more adventurous and buy things we normally don’t stock in the pantry.

  • If I win we would use the money for some of those fun summer ideas. I especially like the drive in movie idea!