Cloth Diapering

Why I Quit Cloth Diapers {Plus a Huge Cloth Diaper Sale at Rock Bottom Prices!}

The day has finally come.

I’ve been using cloth diapers for over five years, through two (stubborn) babies. I’ve tried really hard to keep it up. To be an enthusiastic advocate, and even to recruit other parents into my cloth diapering lifestyle.

I recently calculated that I’ve washed and dried diapers (with poop on them – gross!) close to one thousand times. My math breaks down when I try to figure how much time that works out to. I’ve fiddled and experimented with my wash routine, mixed and matched inserts and boosters, stuffed and unstuffed, scraped and sprayed, stalked and talked about what are essentially poop catchers for what seems like forever. I’m officially done.

Kay is two and a half, and I’ve decided to switch to disposable diapers until she potty trains. After five years of this, I’m tired of it. You heard me, I want the freedom to throw away my diapers once they’ve been soiled. That’s what you’re supposed to do with dirty stuff. You throw it out. I want to throw them in the garbage and never have to think about them again. I want my life back. A life free from slavery to my washing machine and the never ending pile of diapers that need to be sorted and stuffed and folded. Who has time to do laundry anyway?

Of course over the years I’ve amassed a sizable collection of cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories, and now I need to get rid of it all. My change of heart is your gain. Diapers, covers, inserts, wet bags, etc. – it’s all got to go! No offer will be refused!

cloth diaper stash for sale

Scroll down for detailed descriptions of everything I’m getting rid of and how to buy these diapers, most of them barely used, for next to nothing.





Incidentally, I’m also debating whether or not to switch over to paper plates and disposable cutlery. Imagine how much more time I’d save if I didn’t have to wash all those dishes either.





Oh, and does anyone have a lead on disposable clothing? (I do live in Vancouver though, so it needs to be able to stand up to at least one rainfall.)





Nah, not really!

April Fools' Day!

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  • Lol, you caught me there. I was like: “Going back to disposables after cloth? NOooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo” lol, yup, I was fooled, and now you have painted a smile in my face, it was a good one! Nicely done.

  • lol, you HAD ME !!! But I can remember the days of constantly washing clothes and once the kids hit the teens I got quite a bit of freedom (you wash it yourself or you wear dirty clothes, worked well with the girl, not so well with the boy…he decided turning socks and underwear inside out was the best option LOL) my God I miss the kids now that they’ve moved out and are on their own.

  • Yeah….good one!!! I know it’s 10 months ago but it’s my birthday and I’m a gramma so I have appreciated many April Fools jokes over the last 60+ years! My 34 year old daughter is a single mom to a gorgeous 8 month old little girl who has been CD ‘ed since she got big enough to fit into her NBs. They live with us so I get to help!!! Babysitting, CD laundry, the works! It’s great! We used cloth back in the day with my babies, at least until being won over to the new tangled “pampers”. Much cheaper then but are ALL probably STILL in the
    landfills now!!! Horrors!!! (Some Hippies were! But we did breastfeed forever!) Ahhhhh, well, thanks for the laugh and chance to reminisce. Will have follow your blog now for sure. (Bumped into a different post on Pinterest.). Hugs to you and your babies. I know you had fun writing this post. Yeah…REAL good one…