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What’s Hot This Summer at Mastermind Toys #MMBestSummerEver

This summer is going to be hot! It’s only mid-May and we’ve already had a bunch of days with weather that feels a lot more like July than May. Even so, summer is my favourite season of all because life seems to slow down, and we get to spend more time outside. I love how the daylight and warm summer evenings stretch out until almost 10pm, and I’m really looking forward to starting up our Friday tradition of sushi in the park again.

You might already know that we’re big fans of Mastermind Toys. Our local store is one of my favourite places to shop for toys, both because of how great their toy experts are at helping me find the perfect gift, and because I’m just a big kid at heart. Our friends at Mastermind Toys sent us some games to play this summer and to share with you.

Rainy Day games from Mastermind Toys

On almost any given summer afternoon, my girls beg me to break out the sprinkler. But I don’t always want to go through all the trouble of unrolling the hose, dragging it into the backyard, and hooking it up. And then when those water restrictions kick in, we won’t be able to run the sprinkler any more period. That’s when we grab the new Zing Wet Head Water Roulette Game ($26.99) instead. It’s a lot of fun for the kids and parents too!

You fill the little blue container on top of the hard hat with water, insert the pins, and strap it on. Then you just spin the spinner and start pulling out the pins. One of them will unleash the flood, but of course you won’t know which one until it happens.

Wet Head Water Roulette Game

The kids think the whole concept is pretty awesome, but I’m not sure which they like better: when they get wet or when I’m the one getting a soaking!

Wet Head Water Roulette Game

You know what else my kids love doing on those long summer days? Riding around our street on their scooters. Sometimes we’ll head over to the neighbourhood park for a picnic dinner, and we’ll bring their scooters so they can ride them along the park paths too.

Explore the neighbourhood via scooter

If you’ve been hunting for an age-appropriate scooter, Mastermind Toys has put together this Scooter Guide for any parent looking to find just the right ride this summer.

Mastermind Toys' Scooteriffic Guide

But of course not every summer day is full of sunshine. What about when it’s raining? Instead of turning on the TV, I prefer to break out some fun indoor games.

In Maze Racers ($49.99), players build their own maze using foam magnetic pieces on a magnetic board. Once one player has finished their maze, the other player has to finish theirs in one minute. Then the players swap their maze boards and try to steer the wooden ball through the maze as quickly as possible.

Maze Racers Game

Aimed at kids 8 and up, it’s a bit beyond Kay, but Tee can build a simple maze on her own. The nice thing about Maze Racers is that kids can build increasingly complex mazes as their skill level increases. Even though Kay’s designs don’t hold the ball, she enjoys using the pieces to create her own pictures and designs anyway.

And then there’s Codenames ($34.99), a party game for adults. Two teams, each made up of 2-4 players, compete to identify all their team’s secret codenames first. The two rival spymasters give clues to help their teams guess their team’s words while avoiding the opposing team’s words and the black “assassin” codename word.

Codenames party game

To be honest, when I first read through the instructions, it didn’t sound all that exciting. But once we started playing, I realized it was actually a lot of fun for everyone and perfect for get togethers. I’m a word lover, and it’s more challenging than you might think to give clues that will lead your team to guess only the word(s) you want and not the other team’s words.

With these new games in my cupboard, I’m excited about all the fun days to come this summer!


Canadian owned and operated, Mastermind Toys is Canada’s largest specialty toy and children’s book retailer. They’ve been operating for over 30 years in the Greater Toronto area and have recently expanded to 45 stores across Canada and growing. Mastermind Toys offers free gift wrapping in store and free shipping (up to $15) on purchases over $60.

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