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What You Can Do to Support Breastfeeding #WBW

As we wrap up World Breastfeeding Week, I thought I’d leave you with some recommendations from the World Health Organization for how moms and those around them can support breastfeeding. These user-friendly posters are available for download on the WHO website, along with links to general breastfeeding information and statistics about breastfeeding around the world.

While I agree that these tips will help support new breastfeeding moms, I can’t help but think that at least some of these recommendations are things we should do to support new moms regardless of how they feed their children. After all, moms (and dads!) need help and support whether or not they breastfeed.

WHO breastfeeding graphic series: Mums

What Mums Can Do:
Before your baby arrives, get the facts on breastfeeding.
When your baby’s born, try to give the first breastfeed within the first hour.
You’ll need help with learning to breastfeed & so will your baby. Don’t be afraid to ask for it!
Make sure you get plenty of healthy food, water & rest.


WHO breastfeeding graphic series: Dads

What Dads Can Do:
Help around the house, reduce stress for your partner & make sure she gets enough rest.
‘Burp’ the baby after a feed – Dad’s chest is great for this!
Care for the baby in ways other than feeding (bath, diaper changes, walks).


WHO breastfeeding graphic series: Family

What Families and Friends Can Do:
Provide emotional support & practical help (deliver groceries, cook meals, clean the house).
Take care of big brothers & sisters.
Listen & be supportive. Boost Mum’s confidence in breastfeeding.


WHO breastfeeding graphic series: Colleagues

What Can Be Done in the Workplace:
Give enough maternity leave for mums to get breastfeeding established.
Make it easier for mums to return to work by providing time & a place to breastfeed or express & store milk.
Support your colleagues while they’re breastfeeding – it’s not always easy to balance work & being a new mum!

Any other tips or suggestions to add? Please share in the comments!

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