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What Will Happen in Their Chairs This Year? #BTSReady

This September has seen a lot of changes around our house. Tee started full-day kindergarten at a brand new school, and Kay began attending preschool. For the first time in a long time, my house is quiet during the day, and it’s not the, “Uh-oh, what are they up to?” kind of quiet every mother dreads. I love the me time, but I also look forward to hearing their stories and chatter when the girls come home. I wonder what will happen in their chairs this year?

What will happen in your chair this year?

Tee’s little chair at school is where she will sit to practice her handwriting, work on her multiplication, and learn about the world around her. It’s where she’ll make Halloween and Christmas and Easter crafts, eat her lunch, and whisper to her new school friends when she thinks the teacher isn’t looking. We’re less than two weeks in to the school year and Tee can’t stop talking about Laney, her new “best friend ever”. The pair are inseparable on the playground!

Kay’s even littler chair is where she will learn her letters, memorize the names of the continents, and paint pictures for her daddy and me. Where she will learn to use scissors and maybe even learn to write her name. Kay came home on her first day and couldn’t wait to tell me how all the other kids had cried at school, but not her! She’s so eager to show me the day’s work and tell me all about her afternoon as soon as I arrive to pick her up. I remember how much her older sister grew in that first year of preschool, and I’m so excited to see how much Kay will learn and grow over the next ten months.

Like I said, there have been a lot of changes around here, and my girls are working hard. When they get home from a long day at school, they deserve to kick back and relax. Our new spot? This Comfy-Ture Compressed Foam Chair that our friends at Staples kindly sent to us along with some much appreciated items from their wide selection of back to school supplies.

I set up our chair next to the bookshelf in the playroom, and it’s become the perfect spot for both girls to sit and curl up on lazy afternoons. Tee loves to read to her little sister, and Kay loves hearing her favourite stories. Me? I just love the peace and sisterly bonding for however long it lasts!

Reading together in their chair

Now it’s your turn! Let me know: what will happen in your chair this year?

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  • I really, truly hope that my son will one day be as eager to read to his little sister as Tee is, and what a perfect, comfy chair that is for sharing! That’s just so sweet! For us, our chair is going to be full: me, the baby and the preschooler, since as soon as I start nursing, big brother needs to find a place on my lap, too. (And, ideally, all of our chairs stay dry…. since we are potty training!)