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13 Tempting Gluten-Free Chocolate Recipes for Valentine’s Day

What goes with Valentine’s Day? Chocolate of course! Check out these AH-MA-ZING recipes featuring sweet, sweet chocolate, perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day! All of these are naturally gluten-free so everyone can enjoy!


Healthy Red Velvet Pancakes

Start your Valentine’s Day off right with these red velvet chocolate pancakes. No artificial colours here – the secret ingredient is beets!

Cinnamon Heart White Chocolate Bark

Spice up your Valentine’s Day with cinnamon hearts and white chocolate.

Paleo Chocolate Fondue

Dairy free and refined sugar free, this fondue combines chocolate, coconut milk, and almond butter in a decadent Valentine’s party treat.

White Chocolate Strawberry Buttercream Frosting

This beautiful pink frosting is perfect for any Valentine’s Day cupcake.

Chocolate Raspberry Fudge

Smooth, creamy chocolate fudge with a fruity touch of raspberries!

Paleo Chocolate Mocha Pudding

Nobody will know the secret ingredient in this rich and creamy dairy-free chocolate pudding is avocado!

DIY Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Who knew these classic Valentine’s Day strawberries were so easy to make?

Vegan Dark Chocolate Strawberry Cream Truffles

Dark chocolate and cashew strawberry cream. Yum!

Chocolate Ginger Scones

Chocolate and ginger taste amazing together!

Chocolate Almond Butter Rice Krispies Squares

A delicious twist on the classic Rice Krispies treat!

Dark Chocolate, Almond Butter Mini-Cups with Sea Salt

Make a healthier version of the classic chocolate peanut butter cup at home.

Gluten-Free Nanaimo Bars

A Canadian classic dessert bar made gluten-free. These are freezer-friendly too!

Flourless Black Bean Brownies

These chocolate brownies substitute black beans for flour. Really!

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